If you are put off by the disruption which underfloor heating could cause, take heed of these facts.

Underfloor heating systems have grown in popularity over the last decade. With so many different companies selling designer radiators, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Sometimes the best choice is the alternative, the left turn. That’s where underfloor heating comes in. These radiators are well known for taking up very little space and for their ultimate comfort. Although they might cause some disruption upon their installation, there are many little known facts about underfloor heating which may surprise you. Whether you’ve just installed your first underfloor heating kit in your bathroom or you’re simply toying with the idea, UFH as a whole range of untapped potential.

Underfloor heating kit

More Even Heat Distribution

Radiators are designed to be as efficient as possible. Working from the side of the room, they radiate heat through the space, circulating through the room and recycling the air. Whilst this is usually very effective, there’s one problem: it is installed on the side of the room. With underfloor heating, depending on where under your floor you’ve installed it, you will have heat distributed far more evenly. Heat rises, so it’s only natural that UFH is installed as low as possible in your property, ensuring maximum coverage and therefore comfort.


Lower Your Temperature to Lessen the Cost

Whilst radiators give off short bursts of warmth when needed, it actually makes more sense to run your underfloor heating at a lower temperature but for prolonged periods of time. Due to the even distribution of the heat and the fact that the air will lose its warmth as it rises, it makes sense to run the system at a lower temperature. There will be no energy wasted either, the lower temperatures will generally mean the air will lose its warmth when it has risen above standing height, which makes no difference to the home.


More Interior Design Potential

With the heating system installed beneath the floor, you will have far more space in your room for interior design creativity. With rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom this is especially important. These rooms are often full of appliances before you’ve even considered a radiator installation, and so the more space freed up, the better. Radiators can often steal focus as well, and will command the style of the room. If you would rather another aspect of your interior to take centre stage, then UFH might be a great alternative.


Doesn’t Just Heat Your Home

Running cooler water through your water underfloor heating system can keep your property cooler as well. With a cool breeze running subtly underneath your floor, you can benefit in a heating and air conditioning unit. These two birds with one stone attribute to underfloor heating makes it a must have for versatile climates.


You Can Personalise Your Floor Coverings

Like with radiators finishes, the floor coverings of your underfloor heating can be extremely versatile. With many floor materials made breathable, the underfloor heating systems in your home can be used with a whole rostra of materials. With so many to choose from, you can simply find the one which suits your home the best, whether that be ceramic, stone, marble or slate.

One terrific tip to make the most of your UFH is that some materials can affect the potency of your heating, and so should be avoided due to their heaviness, their lack of conduction or their interference with the heating components. These include cork, felt and thick underlays.