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Why summer is the best time to install new Radiators

Why summer is the best time to install new Radiators 0

Summer in United Kingdom is one of the best times where you do not worry about rain or high temperatures. Instead it is the only season where you will observe a clear blue sky, long days and bright sunshine.

One cannot ignore the fact that summer months are ideal to install radiators due to several factors. The most prominent of them is that your installation process is completed well before winter kicks in. One cannot afford to beat the chilly cold temperatures of winter without radiators as they offer soothing warmth to beat the dropping temperature.

If it dawns on you at the last minute, when the temperature has already started to drop, it can prove to be a bit tricky to manage without a radiator. In fact, if you already have a radiator installed at your place it is better to check whether it is functioning properly or not. You can carry out the necessary servicing before the season changes just to be on the safer side. Besides, you will be saved from a situation where in the system breaks down mid season.

This particularly is another reason why one must sort their radiators beforehand so that they are perfectly ready to use during the season. Apart from all these, it is convenient to search for professionals who can offer you the right solution for your place in summers rather than in winters. Above all, you can call them at the time when you are free and do not have to compromise on your necessities.

Furthermore, you can fix or install a radiator within your budget. Something that suits your pocket and you are less likely to go overboard or make any unnecessary expenditure.


In case you have a radiator, which is old and needs replacing, then summer is the best time to do it. You can opt for a radiator that offers the latest technology and is suitable for your surroundings. Today, there are numerous varieties in terms of style, design, feature, shape, colour, brand, size and much more. You can actually opt for the one which you find the most efficient for your room.

Nowadays, there are some radiators which comprises of features that help you to save on your energy bills. If you are someone who wishes to spend less on your energy bills look for such radiators. Some of the latest models have timer facilities. This attribute helps you to control your usage and have a cosy atmosphere simultaneously.

During summers, your radiator is likely to take a back seat as you already have enough warmth outside. This means you might skip using radiator and would favour to enjoy the natural warmth.

The best part of setting up your radiator in the summer is that you are all geared up for the winters. Additionally, the company will be glad to know that you contacted them well in time. Precisely, you will acquire the chance to be comfortable and enjoy the warmth at your home. Besides, you will diminish all possibilities of any inconvenience being caused to you and your family.

Why buy column radiators

Why buy column radiators 0

Till date column radiators continue to mark a marvellous impression with their presence in the markets as well as at homes. They have the potential to provide a classic look to the elegant interiors of your home. Furthermore, they have the capacity to offer an excellent look to your office premises as well.

The main reason for this is that column radiators have a distinctive appeal which makes it stand out from the clutter. The name itself defines the appeal. Due to this exceptional appearance, the radiator has the ability to distribute heat through all individual segments. Thereby it successfully maintains a warm atmosphere across the room. The main reason why one should intend to purchase column radiators include:

  • Style

Column radiators are a unique combination of traditional and modern radiators. Besides, they give an excellent look to all kinds of homes. Irrespective of whether your house is highly furnished or not this radiator can give it an enviable look, which nobody can ignore.

The design of the radiator adds a nostalgic feel, which is quite appreciated in the last few years.

  • Ceiling

In case you live in a gigantic house, there is a strong possibility that the distance between the ceiling and flooring is going to be quite huge. All types of radiators may not look good in such an enormous gap. However, column radiators can be impeccably fit in such spots.

Besides, this radiator has the ability to facilitate immense amount of warmth required for such huge space. You cannot expect all radiators to offer you the same kind of heat output. Furthermore, they are often compared to panel radiators but in reality column radiators have the potential to offer more heat than panel radiators. The main reason for this is that column radiators have larger surface space in comparison to panel radiators.

  • Positioning 

Column radiators can be installed in two positions that is either vertical or horizontal. This makes them all the more lucrative as they can be fitted in any available space.


If you have a huge window, you can simply install horizontal column radiators on the wall. They are a more convenient option as they can be easily adjusted everywhere.

  • Versatile

Column radiators are diverse in style and positioning. Furthermore, they are available in various colours, sizes, shapes and materials. When you search for column radiators you are likely to view unique colours from a simple plain white to RAL colours. Perhaps, beautiful hues and over 188 colour options.

Apart from colours, you will find variety in material as well. One can expect column radiators in cast iron to mid steel. It completely depends on your preference which type of material you prefer.

Above all, one is likely to come across curved column radiators, which can be easily installed alongside the windows. Also, the tall vertical column radiators offer an incomparable look to your room. Additionally, the spellbound designs have the ability to grab your heart once they are installed.  They are perfect for home installations and are a completely eye-pleasing sight!

Review of the modern Intelligent Heating Systems

Review of the modern Intelligent Heating Systems 0

One needs to utilise smart heating solutions for their home. Usually, most houses comprise of Hive, Nest, Honeywell, Netatmo and Tado as they are considered the smartest thermostat solutions for households. The main feature each of these devices is that they offer moderate temperatures suitable for each room and home.

Besides, they are cost-effective as they achieve the desired results in minimum time. Above all, you can simply switch them off when you do not need them or when the room becomes warm. In this manner, you do not obtain exorbitantly huge bills.

Honeywell offers an exceptional feature of replacing normal valves with smart valves on your radiators. These smart valves help you to divide your home into different zones and smartly heat each zone as per their requirement. For example, your bedroom is heated towards the end of the day while guest room is heated occasionally as required. This is a more expensive solution as it consists of versatile features.

The three most intelligent heating solutions that are generally utilised by people in their homes are discussed here:

  • Nest:

This system was launched in the year 2011. They are referred to as the ‘learning thermostat’. As per the company their system has accurate control over the temperature and has the ability to create a personalised schedule for homes. This basically diminishes the requirement of a programmer.

The fundamental principle of this system is that it notes the temperature at which you usually set them and adds it to the schedule. Moreover, the boiler is constantly active at a low temperature which reduces the chances of high energy bills. Above all, it safeguards the pipes from being damaged.

The most brilliant feature of this system is that it has the knack of being able to trace temperatures on a day-to-day basis and remember them. Additionally, it functions accordingly. This system can be controlled by your smart phones or tablet. You just have to install the app and connect to Wi-Fi.


  • Hive:

This system is highly regarded as it saves upto £150 on your bills each year. You need to contact a professional British Gas engineer to install it beside your current heating system. This makes it all the more convenient for you.

As compared to Nest, this system offers less functional attributes. For example, it will not trace your daily temperatures but instead control heating from distance as per your needs. The unique feature this system possesses is that you can control it from any part of the globe. However, you need to have internet access and download the Hive app to reap benefits of this function.

You can warm your room right before you enter it through this app.

  • Evohome:

Over the decades, Honeywell has been a synonymous name for household heating and additionally they have added to it by introducing Evohome.

One can easily control the temperature of their home with the help of Evohome. The zoning exceptional feature gives you the liberty to set different temperatures for each specific room. Furthermore, you can schedule the time as per your requirements.

All the more, you can set a time based on your lifestyle and members present in your room. It allows you to craft your schedule based on your consumption. You can operate this with the help of your smart phone or tablet.


How to heat a Hallway

How to heat a Hallway 0

Some tasks appear to be simple when you first think about them but when you actually set out to complete they turn out to be daunting and tricky in nature. Well, this occurs more often while designing your house and selecting an ideal location for essential equipments and their installations.

A major concern of households is that they find it difficult to prepare a layout of where to install radiators. The main reason for searching an ideal location is to obtain much required warmth all across the house. You may be surprised to learn that the hallway is the most ideal location for this.

Well, if you think logically, one needs to walk past the hallway for several purposes. Like for, going to another room, moving in and out of the house, etc. So you are surely going to walk through the area numerous times.


How to heat a Hallway

It has been witnessed that a hallway needs twice the amount of warmth compared to other rooms in the house. Irrespective of the fact that your hallway is small or huge one needs to have uniform warmth across it.

Apart from this, one needs to install the right type of radiator for their hallway. It mainly depends on the dimension of the hallway and its utility. For instance, some households have huge hallways along with a mini library or storage. Such areas need radiators which provide sufficient warmth suited for couple of family members present at that spot.

You ought to calculate BTU as it will help you to select the right model suitable for your hallway. In case you are someone who does not have adequate knowledge relating to BTU you can contact a professional firm for this purpose to do this for you.

Hallways tend to have loose ends and open spaces and therefore it is essential to ensure that you fix those open ends in order to prevent the heat from escaping. Besides, you probably may not be aware of the fact that loft conversions have considerable impact on the amount of heat acquired. Loft insulation is something that you cannot afford to forget while installing a radiator to retain the warmth.

There is an array of good options available in the market when it comes to radiators. They vary in terms of size, style, design, feature, brands, etc. from which you ought to select. Furthermore, there are vertical and horizontal radiators, which offer different amounts of warmth each having a unique spread pattern. Therefore, it is important to analyse your space before you choose the one for your hallway.

Some households are not well-versed with the attributes and features of radiators. Make sure that you are aware about the benefits of the radiator which you install at your home.

There are some radiators which focus on energy consumption while others aim to facilitate maximum warmth in a short span of time. Thus, determine your priorities and accordingly choose your radiator.

Summer is the ideal time to install your radiators as it is convenient and you are prepared to beat the cold before winter begins!

  • The Great Rads Team

How to calculate the correct BTU's for your room 0

When updating your home, it’s not always straightforward calculating your radiator output. Shopping for a radiator or heated towel rail that fits the theme of your home is difficult enough, but knowing whether it meets the heating requirements of your room is another matter entirely.
  • The Great Rads Team

New National Business Development Manager Announced 0

Great Rads Ltd. The leading supplier of Designer Radiators and Heated Towel Rails, are extremely pleased to announce Rob Leon-Martin as National Business Development Manager, who will be covering the whole of the UK.

Rob will be responsible for visiting customers and projects to promote Great Rads extensive range of Designer products, and will and looking to assist with product specifications working with Architects, Interior Designers and Developers amongst others.


Rob Martin Great Rads


Rob joins from Jablite, where he was responsible for driving substantial business growth in the sector he looked after. Prior to this he worked for Saint Gobain, Travis Perkins and SIG PLC so has considerable experience in the building sector.

Commenting on the new appointment, Wayne Brown, Great Rads M.D. said "we are delighted to announce this the next stage in our growth strategy, and extremely proud to be able to attract someone as high calibre as Rob to the team. Rob's experience, exceptional customer relationship building skills, and all round likability make him a perfect fit for us"

Rob commented 'I am really looking forward to helping Great Rads continue their rapid growth, they have an exceptional business due to their commitment to customer service excellence and desire to do things in the right way, so being part of of something so exciting really appeals"

If you have a project that you feel we can be of assistance on, Rob can be contacted on 07796 714336 or emailed on