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Aluminium Radiators - The Modern Material

Aluminium Radiators - The Modern Material 0

Aluminium is less corrosive in comparison with steel which means aluminium radiators are likely to have better durability
  • The Great Rads Team
Easter Opening Times

Easter Opening Times 0

Bank Holiday Opening

Our opening times over the Easter Break are as follows

  • Thurs 13th - Open
  • Fri 14th - Closed
  • Sat 15th - Closed
  • Easter Sunday - Closed
  • Easter Monday - Closed
  • Tues 18th - Open

Whilst the office will be closed, we will still be manning email and our online chat portal. So if you have any questions or queries please send us an email and we will respond as soon as we can.

Have a great Bank Holiday  

Towel Radiators 0

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Towel Radiators

Bathrooms have evolved to have a greater importance in our lives today than ever before. It’s now considered a place of refuge where you can soak away all your worries in comfort and peace, as well as being a practical room. It has also become the place for epiphanies for people all over the world. Think of that invigorating shower in the morning or unwinding at length in a warm bath - there is one word that comes to mind: “warm!”

Now picture all the activities that occur in your bathroom, but imagine it being cold. Even a hot bath or shower could be ruined by exiting the water to be greeted by an unforgiving artic chill. A radiator is, of course, the solution to a chilly bathroom. If you’re tight on space or looking to keep your room warm at the same time as your towels, a Towel Radiator could be the answer to bathroom comfort.

If you are searching for the best handpicked radiators, then Great Rads is your one stop shop! Our radiator towel rail provides towel warming perfection alongside the typical room heating qualities you’d find in a standard radiator.

We at Great Rads have assembled an unrivalled range of towel rail radiators so you’re bound to find one that suits your home décor, no matter your taste and style.

Our wide range of different sizes and finishes are specifically designed to cater for your needs, which is why Great Rads is considered amongst the best suppliers in our niche! Additionally, our wide range of towel radiators can be used in almost any bathroom setting whilst creating both appealing designs and practicality.

What are Towel Radiators?

The contemporary towel radiator more commonly known as a heated towel radiator is perhaps one of the most overlooked, yet commonly used household items, especially in your bathroom. Whilst you may take them for granted, they are solely designed to keep your towels warm and cosy! With summer approaching you may not be thinking about this now, but imagine being wet after a shower in your cold bathroom in the winter.

At Great Rads, the radiator towel rail not only assists you in freshening up, but also keeps your house environment safe and secure. Most families opt for towel rail radiator in their bathrooms as it is easy to install and they don’t have to endure the expensive and taxing process of installing bulky radiators.

Types of Towel Radiator

Aesthetically, many people consider the towel rail radiator a stylish and attractive option. We at Great Rads have an endless choice of towel rails available, and its sleek and shiny exterior can give your bathroom an ultra-glossy appearance.

Here we have taken the liberty to compile a list of different types of heated towel radiator offered by us:

·      Designer Towel Radiators

·      Stainless Steel Towel Radiators

·      Aluminium Towel Radiators

·      Honeycomb Designer Radiators

·      Electric Towel Radiators

·      Designer Towel Rails

·      Traditional Towel Radiators

·      Chrome Towel Radiators

·      S-Type Designer Towel Radiators

As we have mentioned before, the options are nearly endless! Depending upon your own personal taste and the space you have available you can opt for any of the above styles and we’re sure to have a design to suit you.

For instance, if you are looking to achieve a modern look, we’d suggest going for a flat chrome towel radiator. On the other hand, if classic chic is your thing, then a more traditional type would be the best. At the end of the day, however, the choice is completely yours!

Benefits of the Towel Radiator

A Radiator Towel Rail is the latest “must-have” along with our other designer accessories, as they offer so much to your bathroom. We provide plenty of options, so you can opt for anything right from a small towel radiator to electric towel rails in order to keep your bathroom as well as your towels warm and cosy.

Whether you have a small bathroom or larger one, Great Rads is at your disposal to provide you with some of the best towel rails on the market. Our towel radiators not only warm you up, but also make your bathroom look stunning!

Some benefits of heated towel rails are as follows:

·      Warmth

Typically, having a bathroom with warm towels is always nice, and of course the most obvious benefit of having a radiator towel rail installed. Towels don’t take long to warm up, so having cosy towels in less than ten minutes is something of a treat! In addition to this, it also adds an extra design dimension to your bathroom.

·      Convenience

Depending upon your bathroom, towel rails can either be wired directly into a wall or be converted to use in a standard plug socket. The process of installation is relatively straightforward and most rails come with a long-term warranty.

·      Style

When you opt for a traditional towel radiator you can choose from a variety of options. All of them are offered in different sizes, styles and finishes, which can complement the décor of any bathroom suite.

·      Cost

Once seen as a luxurious accessory for the elite, Great Rads heated towel rails are truly affordable and now available within almost any price range and budget. An Electric Towel Radiator is typically considered to be quite expensive, but even so, these always turn out to be a wise investment.

Factors to Consider before purchasing Towel Radiators

We all like nice, warm towels whilst coming out of the shower or bath. So, why not invest in something that keeps you and your bathroom cosy and snug?

But, before you purchase one, take a look at this list of factors you need to consider:

·      Central Heating or Heated Element?

First things first, before you purchase the traditional towel radiator consider whether you’re going to connect it to the central heating system or make use of a heated element instead. The main difference between these two is that the centrally heated radiators work predominantly during winter. Thus, in order to warm towels during the summer, you’ll need to turn the entire system on. Whether this is suitable is a matter of personal taste.

·      Size and Heat Output

Before deciding upon the size, consider its usage. Is it for your family bathroom? A small ensuite? This could be the difference between purchasing a large or small towel radiator. Also, take a look at its BTU (British Thermal Unit) output. This is the measure by which you can rate the heat output of your radiator.

·      Installation Location

The installation location is less important, especially if you are living in a modern, insulated home. Ideally, however, your traditional towel radiator should be placed on the coldest wall in the bathroom. Often, the outside wall with a window on is the best one, if you have the space. If this isn’t possible fix it on the opposite wall of the room. This ensures that heat is thoroughly circulated in the room, increasing efficiency.

·      Wall Mounted or Floor Standing?

Depending on the available space, you can either opt for a floor standing or wall mounted model. The latter is ideal when floor space is at a premium, for instance in smaller bathrooms.

Great Rads: Why Choose Us?

We at Great Rads are a fast-growing radiator distributor, based in the UK. We offer the best products along with the sort of specialised and personal customer service we’d like to receive ourselves.

We offer some of the finest radiators available and are proud of our suppliers. With years of hands on experience in the industry, business and design, we have secured a dazzling range of handpicked radiators, which are delivered to your door step with a diverse price range to suit everyone.

Get in touch with us today for enquiries regarding our range of radiators. To see what we can do for your bathroom needs, call us for free on 01803 450330 or drop in an email on sales@greatrads.co.uk.

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Designer Radiators

Designer Radiators 0

In the UK, we’re all familiar with our warm summers and cold winters. A radiator may not be the first thing on your mind from April to September, but winter is always just around the corner and with time flying by faster than ever (or so it feels), it’s best to be prepared! However, outside of the practical applications for a radiator, here at Great Rads, we believe that radiators can be stylish. It’s not uncommon for us to hear the phrase “who knew there were so many options for radiators”.

In winter, you’ll find it nearly impossible to keep warm without a radiator – something you may take for granted. Be it at home or work radiators are a common, yet overlooked sight across the nation. We aim to change that and bring radiators from a hidden necessity to a thing of beauty, style and design.

Following basic economic principles we know that increased demand generates increased supply, but it’s only in recent years that the demand for designer radiators has grown, and the market is growing rapidly.  

We have no shortage of general, standard radiators, however, what makes Great Rads unique is our huge selection of designer radiators, created to stand out and add to your room’s ambience, whether it be your bedroom, lounge or other rooms. We believe installing a standard radiator in your well furnished and stylised house would degrade its unique charm and vibe. Instead, why not take a look at our designer radiator collection and install a radiator that is designed beautifully to make your décor look picture perfect!

With the increasing demand of Designer Radiators one cannot overlook the presence around the country. This increase in demand has resulted in a number of Designer Radiator Company competitors. But what makes us different? We have the skills to make sure you have the products that meet your needs, a high level of customer care and the expertise to ensure your new radiators are installed correctly and to a high standard. Needless to say, Great Rads is your one stop shop for all your radiator queries.

As a potential buyer from a Designer Radiator Company it is incredibly important for you to understand the technical differences between a standard and designer radiator to ensure you purchase the best option for you.

If it’s not obvious just by looking, it may be difficult to justify purchasing a Designer Radiator, so here’s a breakdown of the top reasons we believe you need to consider a designer option

Exclusive Design:

Everyone aspires to have a luxury car, the best clothes and nicest watch and likewise, our clients like to have exceptional Designer Radiators. It’s human nature to aspire to have the best of everything, and that should is no more evident in our home designs. As previously stated, our radiators design isn’t just about heating your home but about standing out from the crowd and making what is usually an overlooked element of a room a focal point.

As well as different designs we offer a range of colours for our products. As a Designer Radiator Company we offer shades from lime green, and silver to brushed globes, dark grey, platinum. We also offer a spectacular price range for an array of models that should fit anyone’s budget.

  • Surprising Elements:

If you had to pick between a television from the 90’s or the latest 4k HD TV (we had to look that one up) ? Our bet is you went with the latest model. This is because you want the best. So why do you settle for your plain, white, outdated household radiators when there are elegant and stylish models available. Our Designer Radiator Website displays the latest models and designs available, ensuring you’re at the forefront of interior design.

Just like with all things, there is a great deal of personal taste with some people preferring steel radiators whilst others opt for aluminium. Whichever materials you prefer, we’re on hand to ensure your new radiator meets your needs. Just like a designer clothes store of high end car showroom, our Designer Radiator Website has artistic presentation to showcase our Designer Radiator collection.

  • Regular Designer Radiator Sales:

Whilst there’s an obvious premium on designer radiators compared to standard models, we’re keen to promote our agenda of bringing stylish radiators to the masses, which is why we hold regular designer radiator sales to ensure you receive the quality you deserve at the best price for you.

Frame radiators, mirror radiators, chrome radiators, architectural radiators, column radiators and stainless steel radiators are just some of the radiators that we offer. Who knew there were so many options?

  • Eco-Friendly:

Whether you’re a proactive eco warrior or conscientious objector, I believe we can all agree that protecting the environment where possible is a good thing. Whilst the energy output and usage of your radiator will depend on the materials used and specification, all our designs are created to be not only friendly on the environment but on your energy bill. Perhaps not the first thing on your mind when purchasing a radiator, but you’ll be thankful for the energy savings in the long run!

Great Rads: Why Choose Us?

We at Great Rads are a fast-growing radiator distributor, based in the UK. We offer the best products along with the sort of specialised and personal customer service we’d like to receive ourselves.

We offer some of the finest radiators available and are proud of our suppliers. With years of hands on experience in the industry, business and design, we have secured a dazzling range of handpicked radiators, which are delivered to your door step with a diverse price range to suit everyone.

Get in touch with us today for enquiries regarding our range of radiators. To see what we can do for your bathroom needs, call us for free on 01803 450330 or drop in an email on sales@greatrads.co.uk.

Introduction to Supplies 4 Heat

Introduction to Supplies 4 Heat 0

Announcing a new supply partner - Supplies 4 Heat

Great Rads are extremely proud to announce our latest top quality radiator brand to be able to offer you, Supplies 4 Heat

Who are Supplies 4 Heat?

Value & Service

Supplies 4 Heat is a division of the UK Heating Group, the UKs leading independent supplier of designer radiators and specialises in the distribution of great value designer radiators.

Their aim is to provide you with a range of great value designer radiators. They understand that you want a choice of good looking, good quality products, all delivered with reliable service and guarantees.

We Promise:

Great Value: quality products at affordable prices, made and tested to European standard EN442.

All Products from Stock: ready to be sent when you need them.

48 – 72 Hour Delivery: free to mainland UK invoice addresses (Unfortunately getting to the Scottish Highlands may take a little longer).

Quality Guaranteed: with a minimum of 5 years guarantee on all radiators and towel rails.

Some of the highlights of the range are:

Supplies 4 Heat Cornel - Column Radiator - Horizontal

Also comes in a choice of 25 stunning RAL Colours

 Also comes in vertical, the amazing Supplies 4 Heat Cornel Vertical Column Radiator



The very colourful and classic design of the Supplies 4 Heat Edison Convector Radiator

 S4H Edison


The amazing chunky bars of the S4H Tallis, available in Vertical or Horizontal

S4H Tallis

The Supplies 4 Heat Tallis is also available in a stunning Towel Radiator - this makes it a dream if you are using across your home

Supplies 4 Heat Tallis Towel 

And the Supplies 4 Heat Apsley also comes in great colour options:

S4H Apsley Towel Radiator

The full Supplies 4 Heat Collection can be found here


Delivery within 48-72 hours 

For further information on the Supplies 4 Heat range of radiators please feel free to contact us on 01803 450330.

New Product Filter

New Product Filter 0

Designer Radiators and Towel Rail Product Filter

We have launched an easier way to locate your new Designer Radiators on our website.

At Great Rads we have over 5000 products for you to choose from, and this is growing daily as we add some world class manufacturers for selection.

This can make it pretty tricky to find your new dream rad. To that end we have added some exciting new functionality - An easy product filter, right on our home page!

When you first enter www.greatrads.co.uk you will now notice a shiny new orange button on the left hand side of the screen.....there it is just below...

Product Filter Button


So if you have a size, or a heating requirement then you would click on the button, which then brings up a filter menu.....


Filter Menu


You can then click on the check box for the product you require, you can check as many boxes as you like and will it display the results right next to it.


Product Filter


So there you go, an easy way to now find your new radiator.

If you have any feedback on this then please feel free to email us on enquiries@greatrads.co.uk.