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Introduction to Supplies 4 Heat

Introduction to Supplies 4 Heat 0

Announcing a new supply partner - Supplies 4 Heat

Great Rads are extremely proud to announce our latest top quality radiator brand to be able to offer you, Supplies 4 Heat

Who are Supplies 4 Heat?

Value & Service

Supplies 4 Heat is a division of the UK Heating Group, the UKs leading independent supplier of designer radiators and specialises in the distribution of great value designer radiators.

Their aim is to provide you with a range of great value designer radiators. They understand that you want a choice of good looking, good quality products, all delivered with reliable service and guarantees.

We Promise:

Great Value: quality products at affordable prices, made and tested to European standard EN442.

All Products from Stock: ready to be sent when you need them.

48 – 72 Hour Delivery: free to mainland UK invoice addresses (Unfortunately getting to the Scottish Highlands may take a little longer).

Quality Guaranteed: with a minimum of 5 years guarantee on all radiators and towel rails.

Some of the highlights of the range are:

Supplies 4 Heat Cornel - Column Radiator - Horizontal

Also comes in a choice of 25 stunning RAL Colours

 Also comes in vertical, the amazing Supplies 4 Heat Cornel Vertical Column Radiator



The very colourful and classic design of the Supplies 4 Heat Edison Convector Radiator

 S4H Edison


The amazing chunky bars of the S4H Tallis, available in Vertical or Horizontal

S4H Tallis

The Supplies 4 Heat Tallis is also available in a stunning Towel Radiator - this makes it a dream if you are using across your home

Supplies 4 Heat Tallis Towel 

And the Supplies 4 Heat Apsley also comes in great colour options:

S4H Apsley Towel Radiator

The full Supplies 4 Heat Collection can be found here


Delivery within 48-72 hours 

For further information on the Supplies 4 Heat range of radiators please feel free to contact us on 01803 450330.

New Product Filter

New Product Filter 0

Designer Radiators and Towel Rail Product Filter

We have launched an easier way to locate your new Designer Radiators on our website.

At Great Rads we have over 5000 products for you to choose from, and this is growing daily as we add some world class manufacturers for selection.

This can make it pretty tricky to find your new dream rad. To that end we have added some exciting new functionality - An easy product filter, right on our home page!

When you first enter www.greatrads.co.uk you will now notice a shiny new orange button on the left hand side of the screen.....there it is just below...

Product Filter Button


So if you have a size, or a heating requirement then you would click on the button, which then brings up a filter menu.....


Filter Menu


You can then click on the check box for the product you require, you can check as many boxes as you like and will it display the results right next to it.


Product Filter


So there you go, an easy way to now find your new radiator.

If you have any feedback on this then please feel free to email us on enquiries@greatrads.co.uk.

Introduction to Radox Radiators

Introduction to Radox Radiators 0

Announcing a new supply partner - Radox Radiators

Great Rads are extremely proud to announce our latest top quality manufacturer to be able to offer you, Radox Radiators.

Who are Radox.

Radox pride themselves as one of the UK leading brand names in designer radiator and towel rail manufacture. At Radox they would like to bring the romance back into staying warm.

Established in 2008 in the UK, their new range is even more diverse than before and truly represents a single stop solution to designer heating in the bathroom and home, and they believe that no other manufacturer will be able to offer you the range and quality of products.

Being located on a 7 acre site, they are not constrained by space in any way and do not have to outsource any of their production. They have their own nickel chroming plant which means they can guarantee their chrome.

Radox guiding principles are:

  • Quality of raw material: They use only the best EU sourced products- ensuring the highest quality
  • Integrity of manufacture: Never take shortcuts and use tried and trusted manufacturing processes
  • Service: We believe in openness, communication and partnership

To back all this up, they offer a 10 year guarantee on all the towel rails, with a lifetime guarantee on stainless steel products.

They have earned certifications to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 by BVQI/UKAS.

Some of the highlights of the range are:

Radox Quartz Radiator.

This is a stunning glass fronted radiator, with a host of options for the front panel design.

Radox Quartz Radiator - Tropical Front

Radox Quartz Tropical Radiator


Radox Quartz Radiator - Front Options

Radox Quartz Radiator

There are a lot more options available for this beautiful radiator, please click here for more.



Radox Manhattan

Radox Manhatton Radiator



The brand new Radox Stainless Steel Multi-Column, available as either a 2 column or 4 column.

Radox Stainless Steel Multi-Column


Radox have some amazing Towel Radiators:

From left, Radox Iris, Radox Vulcan Flex, Radox Quebis

Radox Towel Radiators


The quite amazing, and very powerful Radox Cannon

Radox Cannon Towel Radiator



Radox Serpentine:

Radox Serpentine Radiator


Radox Maze

Radox Maze Radiator

The full Radox range can be viewed here


Delivery within 1-2 working days.

For further information on the Radox range please feel free to contact us on 01803 450330.

Radiators - what material is best for me?

Radiators - what material is best for me? 0

Designer Radiators and Heated Towel Rails can be crafted from a number of materials.

At Great Rads we have an extensive selection, and in this blog we go through the main to try and understand what would be best for you.

Stainless Steel Radiators 

Stainless Steel is a timeless beauty, and the best material radiators can be crafted from. It does not corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel could potentially do. So you can be sure that if you leave your damp towels to dry out on it won't degrade over time. In fact all it needs is a wipe when cleaning with soap or a mild detergent whilst cleaning, and it will be as good as new.

This quality is reflected in the very long guarantees offered, typically from 20 to 25 years!

Stainless Steel is used where both the properties of steel and corrosion resistance are required.

Stainless Steel also has the advantage of conducting heat 15% better than Mild Steel. This is due in the main to the fact that Mild Steel requires a coat of protective Chrome or Paint, which radiates a small amount of heat back restricting heat output. 

The radiators available at Great Rads are all Grade 304 stainless steel. Which is also used for a variety of home and industry uses, such as screws, machinery parts, car headers, fabrics and other uses.

Typically the finishes will be either Polished, which provides a lovely reflective mirror finish. Or a more subtle Brushed Mat or Satin, which is more of a matt sheen.

To recap some of the key points of Stainless Steel Radiators

  • Won't rust, corrode or stain
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Higher Heat Output than Mild Steel
  • Hand built
  • Stunning surface finishes with no protective skin required
  • Polished or Brushed by hand
  • Very long guarantees, circa 20-25 years

Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium is known for its strength, flexibility, exceptional lightness, and resistance to corrosion. It is also a fantastic conductor of heat, making it ideal for manufacturing radiators. 

What this means is the radiators are light and easy to handle, long-lasting, and are quick to heat up and cool down making them very efficient and cost effective. They also give a really high overall heat output compared to similar sized steel panel radiators.

An additional feature is the fact they require a lower water content to operate, the benefit being less demand on the heating system.

Some of the designs available in Aluminium are just stunning and original, some examples:

The Aeon Planet Moon with a moonlike surface.

Aeon Planet Moon

The Aeon Sesriem with a luxurious feel

Aeon SesriumAeon Sesriem

The stunning Aeon Porte in wood effect finish

Aeon Porte


To summarise the benefits of Aluminium Radiators

  • Fast to get to the required heat temperature
  • Low water content
  • Very high heating outputs
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Eco friendly, and easily recyclable 
  • Energy Bills reduced
  • Amazing designs available

Steel Radiators

Mild Steel is very competitively priced, and the large majority of the low to mid-range Radiators are manufactured from it. An important aspect of Steel Radiator installation and care is the correct amount of inhibitor, this will reduce the chances of internal rust building up. Your Plumber will be able to recommend the right amount.

Mild Steel Radiators will always have a finish on them, such as a painted finish, or chrome plating, this is due to the bare untreated surface not being very cosmetically appealing, and also it would reduce the corrosion resistant qualities.

So, Mild Steel Radiators are

  • Competitively priced
  • A large range of paint finishes and styles are available
  • Chrome plating can be mirror like in its finish
  • Lots of different styles and designs to cater for any taste

Below are 3 fabulous examples of painted steel:

The Reina Neva Vertical Designer Radiator on the left, the Reina Terano Designer Radiator in the middle, and lastly the Reina Reflect Radiator on the right

If you require any further information on the options available please feel free to contact our team on enquiries@greatrads.co.uk, or 0845 094 6015. We will be delighted to talk you through the options.

The Great Rads Team

Radiators don't have to be boring!!!

Radiators don't have to be boring!!! 0

Welcome to this weeks blog:

For many years the choice of radiators was somewhat limited.  Subsequently in most houses we have functional radiators, keeping the house nice and warm but not really being a part of the room design.  In fact, they are normally out of the way just doing their job. 

With the fantastic range of radiators now available, these essential items don't have to be banished behind the sofa! In fact, they can be an integral part of the design, proud and at the front.  Manufacturers such as Aeon and Reina are at the forefront of designing bespoke hand-made radiators.

If you have a traditional design in your room, or live in a rural property, then Column Radiators would be a great addition. There are also horizontal and vertical models available, for example the Reina Colona, with prices starting from £82, would make a good choice.

If you are looking for an ultra modern design in your room, there are plenty of splendid choices available.  Stainless Steel is not only a material that will never flake or dis-colour, with fantastic 20 or 25 year guarantees available, it is also very striking and luxurious to look and touch. 

The Aeon Clipper below is a big seller, which would look great in any kitchen - it has the added benefit of hooks for tea-towels or clothes, practicality combined with stunning design.

Aeon Clipper Stainless Steel Radiator

Another popular model is the Aeon Venetian.  It boasts a minimal design, with the added benefit of an optional infini mirror or clip on towel rail

For those of you with generous hallway space, Tower Radiators or Floor Standing Radiators could be very fitting - with their blazing heating outputs they really can provide comforting warmth throughout.

The Aeon Alien (above left) is a best-selling Tower Radiator, and the Reina Marinox on the right would enhance any hallway with its attractive floor-standing design.

Should you be in search of something really striking, there are some outstanding aluminium designs around that not only heat up quickly, and are lightweight, but look fantastic as well. 3 of the best are below.

The first is the Aeon Stargate, the second the Aeon Planet Moon, and thirdly the Aeon Sesriem - these are increasingly popular with Great Rads customers.


If you are designing on a budget, there is no need to compromise on design:

The Reina Neva (below left), Reina Sena (below right) and the Reina Rione (bottom right) have prices starting from £83 and come in a great choice of colours and sizes.

So radiators don't have to be boring, there are choices available for any taste or any budget. Let them become a focal point of your room - a modern version of a fireplace.



Introduction to Aeon Designer Radiators - Simply stunning!

Introduction to Aeon Designer Radiators - Simply stunning! 1

Aeon Design create some of the most stunning radiators available in the market place today.

Just one quick glance through the collection of luxurious heated sculptures is enough to demonstrate how eclectic the range of designs, sizes and influences is.

The Aeon team of designers have been inspired by so many different themes and ideas that it would be impossible to list them all on just one page.

Let's take a look at some of the designs:

The really modern Aeon Cat Ladder - Stainless Steel Towel Radiator



The simply stunning and individual Aeon Lokum Stainless Steel Radiator

Aeon Lokum Stainless Steel RadiatorAeon Lokum Aeon Lokum



The statement piece Aeon Wave Stainless Steel Radiator

Aeon Wave With Posts


The oriental inspired Aeon Bamboo Stainless Steel Radiator

 Aeon Bamboo Stainless Steel Radiator



Or what about its little brother, the really different Aeon Bamboo Corner Radiator 

 Aeon Bamboo Corner Radiator


All Aeon products are welded using a Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding technique, which results in joints that are equally as strong as the main body of the radiator, as well as being a visually pleasing part of the whole piece.

Another technique allows the creation of stunning bars that have been twisted uniformly to create a line of alternating brushed and polished steel surfaces. A special twisting machine allows us to manipulate stainless steel poles of almost any length and size to create a vertical or horizontal design with up to three twists per line. See the Aeon Twister for an example of this - what a head turner.


Aeon Twister Stainless Steel Radiator