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6 Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room 0

Here at Great Rads, we’re not afraid to experiment and try new things when it comes to interior design – it’s always a good time to reinvent your living room. Since it’s usually the room most people spend the majority of their time in, particularly with guests, you need to make it look cosy and appealing. Here are some ideas you can use to make your living room more inviting:

·       Use a bold palette

Why not experiment with rich and deep colours that give an impression of warmth. Try using dark colours like navy and charcoal on a feature wall, not only do they look great but they provide some contrast to your furniture’s colour. Wooden furniture in particular looks fantastic when complemented by a bold colour choice, giving a mid-century edgy look to your living room.

·       Lighting it up

To keep your room looking stylish all year round, it is essential to have a room that’s well lit. Having said that, to add an additional element of class to your room why not install lights with a dimming option in order to set the mood for any occasion. Tactical use of candles and a fireplace can help increase the “cozy” feel of the room whilst carefully positioned mirrors and reflective surfaces will add to the effect.

·       Keep the heat in

You might not be so thankful during summer, but in winter it’s crucial your living area is well insulated. If you’re looking for something a bit or different, or even a feature, why not check out our designer radiators and combine design with practicality. All you need to do is figure out which kind of radiator is suitable for your room. Another tip is to check for ill-fitted windows and replace them with double or triple gazed units. Whilst a significant investment on its own, you’ll soon notice the difference in monthly outgoings.

·       Textured layers

Nothing looks more comforting and ‘homely’ than something soft with a warm texture to sink into at the end of a tough day. It may not come naturally to all of us, but make use of cushions with faux-fur and felted fabrics to maximise comfort.

·       Use the space according to the seasons

Whilst it may seem like a lot of work, why not try implementing different designs for different seasons? Try light colourful curtains during summer and change to heavier, more practical drapes in winter. If you’re feeling less adventurous, why not try mixing cushions and accessories for different seasons to give the room a different feel throughout the year?

·       Adding shine

You’d be surprised at how simply scattering some copper and brass items throughout the room you can add a historic touch to your living room.  They generally match almost any colour scheme and they also allow you to introduce a bit of shine and additional light to the room. Picture frames, light shades and artwork compliments this as eye catching details.

Let us know your favourite interior design ideas, how do you breathe new life into a room without a total makeover?

  • The Great Rads Team

Radiator Buying Guide 0

Radiator Buying Guide

Thinking of buying a radiator? Probably not your first thought when decorating your home, but an important decision nonetheless. Not sure how to choose the ideal design for your house?

Don’t you worry! In this guide we’ll be giving you all the necessary tools, skills and ‘know-how’ to find a radiator that best suits your taste. So, stick the kettle on, kick back, relax and let’s get started with finding the perfect radiator for your home.

It is definitely safe to say that buying a radiator for a house is a considered purchase. However, it’s not like choosing a pack of chocolates or pair of socks. It can be a pretty big deal and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

DQ Cove Mirror

Great Rads are dedicated to helping you in not only choosing the correct radiator, but also making an impressive change to your heating system, interior design and perhaps add more value to your house.

We’ll be looking at every room, discovering some of the best heating solutions to assist in transforming your heating into something more than something that simply keeps you warm.

From designer radiators for your living room to towel radiators for your kitchen or bathroom, we’ll be covering all the bases and every possibility; or at least give it a go!

Firstly, we’ll start with understanding how you can work out the heat output and size of your radiator and glance through calculating those essential BTUs.

  • Calculating the Correct BTU Output

Before going deep into the technical side, you need to remember one thing: although it’s crucial to achieve the correct calculations of your required heat output, the process is very simple.

There’s a few factors that can affect the amount of power required such as dimension of the room, heat levels and window types to name a few. But, if you have a measuring tape and the capability to count, then you’re pretty much there on acquiring the perfect calculations.

With the help of a simple BTU calculator, you can determine the size of radiator that you need for each space; just count up the walls, work out what is above, below and besides the room and add all the data in calculator to receive accurate BTU requirements and you’ll be able to find a brand new radiator.

Radiators for the Kitchen

Kitchens are the hub of every house, it’s not just designed to cook food, but also to entertain and bring the family together.

Although it’s usually the warmest room in your home - mainly because of the hob and oven - you’ll want to keep it heated up during winters when the temperature drops down.

Fortunately, for you there are numerous options available, which can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, thereby providing you with the required warmth.

Heated towel radiators have increased in popularity in the modern kitchen, because they not just heat the space, but also heat your towels and can be used to dry clothes. These radiators have brought an amazing transformation in the role of the kitchen all across the UK.

Aeon Stria

Radiators for the Living Room

Chances are, you probably spend most of your time at home specifically in your living room (excluding bed, of course). From curling up in the sofa to having a cup of tea with your mum, whether you call it a living room or lounge, you’ll likely spend most of your rec time here.

Because of this, you’ll want your space to be a reflection of your unique style and elegance and give off a real sense of homeliness. And what could be a better and functional way to achieve a goal like this, than with a designer radiator?

Vertical designer radiators can make a big style statement regardless of which room you install them in. But, in a living room they can to appear as bold and grand, as well as help to maximise space.

Radiator Company Ovali

Radiators for the Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms you’ll want to keep warm, especially your towels. For this, we recommend our range of towel radiators. So, install one that ties in with other already existing bathroom fixtures and fittings. Or perhaps, if you are little bit ‘out there’ opt for something that is a massive departure from the norm and make a bold style statement!

Radox Essence

How to Balance Radiators 0

Occasionally, you may find that there are noticeably cold or hot spots on your radiators. Typically you’ll find that over a period of time your radiators may not be providing you with the necessary warmth needed. In order to correct this, we recommend regular radiator balancing.

Don’t panic, this isn’t the end of the road for your heating system, just some necessary maintenance. There are several quick and easy ways to fix this problem through some simple DIY tricks. By following the below advice, hopefully you’ll be armed with all the tools needed to balance your radiator yourself.

Firstly, before starting, make sure you have the following tools with you before you begin:

  • Screwdriver
  • Radiator Bleeding Key
  • Adjustable Spanner or Lockshield valve adjuster
  • Digital Thermometer

Step: 1

The most important thing to do before starting is switching off the heat. You need to wait until the entire central heating system has cooled before beginning, and ensure that your radiators have been bled.

We’d recommend switching off the system the night before in order to give it the whole evening to cool.

Step: 2

Every nut and valve is slightly different from each other, particularly varying between different radiators. Therefore, before you begin the procedure, know the different valves that are used on your radiator.

Each valve is used for a specific purpose and thus, we’d recommend carrying out some research about valves before applying a particular technique. For example, a lockshield valve normally has push-on cap which is secured with a screw on top of it. If you have this valve, make sure to remove it completely.

Step: 3

Next, open all the valves attached to the radiator and release them by moving them anti-clockwise. You’ll probably need a spanner or adjuster in order to open the lockshield. Alternatively, one can quickly open the thermostatic valves or wheel head valves which were used earlier with a twist from your hand.

Step: 4

Once you’re done opening all the valves, you can turn on the central heating system and note down the heating order of the radiator. A common thing you might notice is that the radiator closest to the boiler is likely to heat up the first, for obvious reasons. If you’re testing a number of rooms make a point to enlist some help so that you can accurately test the heating order. We’re confident your friends will be queuing up to help you test your radiators!

Step: 5

Again, turn off the heating and give your radiators time to cool down. Whilst you’re waiting, we’d recommend taking a look at the Great Rads selection of designer radiators, to help the time fly past faster.

Step: 6

Once all your radiators have cooled, turn on the heating again and go back to the radiator that heated first during your tests. Close the lockshield valve completely on the radiator by turning it clockwise, before opening it just a quarter of a turn.

Step: 7

Once the radiator has been reheated, take a note of the temperature reading for the pipe leading to the radiator.

Step: 8

The next step is to note temperature of the valve on the other side of the radiator to the one you’ve just measured. You should next begin opening the lockshield valve until there’s a 12°c difference between the 2 valves.

Ensure that you leave a few minutes between changes to the valves so that you acquire an accurate reading for any change in temperatures.

Step: 9

Make a point of repeating the above steps for each radiator, in order of how they heat. Typically, you’ll find that the farthest radiator from the boiler will have the greatest valve opening. It’s possible that in order to balance your radiators the lockshield valve of the farthest radiator will end up being completely open, but this isn’t always the case.

Step: 10

You’ve now managed to balance all your radiators. After a productive weekend well spend, it’s your time to relax and enjoy the soothing warmth.



Guide to Choosing Your Chrome Radiators

Guide to Choosing Your Chrome Radiators 0

Guide to Choosing Your Chrome Radiators

In the last few years, metallic designs have become increasingly popular in peoples’ homes. They provide durability without compromising your elegant look. What’s more, it seems that this year the trend will be continued. If you have used shades of silver for your home décor, we’d recommend installing a radiator that compliments this and enhances the overall look and feel of your décor.

If you’re looking at a glossy, designer style, a lavish finish and uniform distribution of warmth all across your room, a chrome radiator is the optimal solution. You may not be aware, but there is an enormous range of options available for chrome radiators, but before you dive into looking at our range, let’s talk a little further about what’s on offer. Of the many varieties available on the market, the following three types of chrome radiators are the most popular:

Vertical Chrome Radiators:

Vertical chrome radiators are lightweight, slim and glossy. They offer a chic, contemporary look which adds a certain elegance to most rooms. Here at Great Rads, we not only offer a broad selection of designs, but choice of the number of panels you prefer and the range of warmth suitable for your space.

This specific style of radiator has the unique combination of powerful functionality and magnificent style. The main reason for this is that it has perfect dimensions of tall and slim which allows it to be fitted almost anywhere in the house.

Horizontal Chrome Radiators:

The clue’s in the name, however, similar to the vertical radiators, however, horizontal radiators bear more in common with your usual, radiator style in that it’s fitted horizontally along a wall. Like their vertical cousins, these designs often have shiny flat panels and clean lines, providing an elegant look with simple designs. Apart from the style quotient, this radiator grants the maximum amount of heat output and is more often the preferred design as reported by users.

Designer Chrome Radiators:

These radiators have a trendy cut, giving them a truly unique and stylish look. They often have a combination of tubular columns with an elegant chrome finish. Such well-designed and luxurious models are difficult to obtain but look very modern and stylish in any home. They not only have a fabulous appearance, but also provide constant heat throughout the whole room. As well as their superior design and craftsmanship, designer radiators also have a practical approach and are more often preferred for small wall spaces.

When choosing your designer radiator, consider your priorities in terms of what is are most important features for you. For example, the actual heating element may be the core priority for some, whereas others would consider the appearance of their radiator to be the most important aspect when selecting one. Size, material, price, and brand, are all other aspects which should be considered when deciding which radiator to opt for.

Chrome Radiators 

It is also important to find the optimum location for your new radiator, both in terms of aesthetics and plumbing practicalities. It should be installed at a place from where warmth can be distributed all around the room. Placing them in the wrong position in the room could result in over-heating or over-consumption. This will have a direct impact on your energy bills, so determining the best place to install them is vital. If you’re looking for advice on placement, installation or design of radiators, speak to Great Rads today.

Chrome Radiators


Dual Fuel Radiators 0

Dual Fuel Radiators

When it comes to heating your house, there’s few things as good as good as a warm, cosy towel wrapped around your body, when you come out of your shower or bath.

Now, you can capture this experience all year round!

Think back to the good old days when you were a little kid and your mum used to hug you with a soft, cosy towel whilst stepping out of your bath. And, right away you’ll know what we’re trying to talk about.

There’s something satisfying and comforting about that cosy towel, right?

When the towel hits your skin after a long soak, it’s right up there with the joy of that first glass of wine after a hectic week at work- the emotion is beyond words!

But, what if your central heating isn’t on? How would you keep your towels dry and warm without having a bathroom radiator?

This is the purpose of the dual fuel towel radiator, designed to unearth nostalgia. Not to mention, it can keep your pyjamas toasty as well!

There are dozens of different bathroom radiators (trust us, we know!) and dual fuel towel radiators are one of our favourites. Some of them are built simply to keep your towels warm and toasty; whereas others are designed in such a way that they heat up the entire room, thereby introducing extra warmth and luxury to that space.

The sheer number of dual fuel radiators available simply means that you’ll be able to find the perfect heating solution that not just looks dazzling, but also completes the job.

Why would you require a dual fuel towel radiator in the first place?

In terms of functionality, dual fuel radiators are just like any other, they just connect to your central heating and you’re sorted. What makes them different is their electric heating element which allows them to be used independently of your central heating system. So, whilst you might take them for granted in winter when your central heating’s running, you can now heat your towels up during summer too.

To create a dual fuel radiator, you just need to add a Radiator Valve of your choice, a electric element and a dual fuel t piece to connect it all together.

Dual Fuel Accessories

So if you’re fed up of cold towels in the summer, or late night, cold trips to the loo being able to keep the radiator on during summer could be just what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a radiator that combines the efficiency of a standard central heating radiator with the flexibility you need to keep your bathroom warm and cosy independently of the rest of the house, the dual fuel towel radiator could be the option for you.

Check out our full range here!

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Introduction to Eskimo Design

Introduction to Eskimo Design 0

Introduction to Eskimo Design

Every house naturally loses heat through the fabric of its walls, its windows and roof. Also, in the UK, with our wonderfully changeable climate it is important for you to be able have a space you heat up when required.

But, how can you replace the lost heat whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature? You can do this by simply installing a radiator, no explanation need, but it’ll help you keep your house warm easily and efficiently.

For those cold winter nights or sudden cold snaps, there are few things as comforting as being able to nestle in with the heating on and a blanket. This is where Eskimo Design radiators come into play. 

Eskimo Design is one of the pioneers of the designer radiator market. In these designs natural products such as, stone, slate and wood are used to craft arguably the finest radiators in the market today.

Phil Ward the Eskimo Radiators M.D is a genius and uses his technical expertise and design flair to produce arguably the finest radiators on the market today. See video of him in action here.

There’s a wide range of Eskimo Designs available and we’re sure you’ll be blown away by its elegance, beautiful form, clean lines and of course, its stunning finishes!

The Eskimo Design radiators include the following range:

Owning an Eskimo radiator will not only give you deliciously toasty feet on the coldest days of winter, but also have a well-designed genius interior piece in your house to serve as a central talking point in the summer.

All these designs are so versatile that you can install them in your kitchen, hallway, dining room, bedroom or even your office. By installing an exceptionally designed radiator, we believe it’s transformed into the focal point of that room.

These radiators come in various forms and finishes, which are inspired by simple yet gratifying experiences. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Natural stone finishes inspired by the dramatic coasts of the UK.
  • Painted copper, brass finishes and aged steel inspired by the industrial roots of the UK.
  • Reflective metal finishes inspired by snowy lakes and seasonal countryside.
  • Distressed power finishes inspired by our boat yards.

All these forms mean there’s a design for everyone, adding genuine design and elegance to your home, as well as giving it a dazzling look

Click here to view the amazing range