6 Genius Ways to Repurpose Furniture That's Destined for The Car Boot

When the clouds start to shift, and flowers begin to bloom, our need to rearrange and revamp our home suddenly becomes an urgent one.

We often find ourselves turning pages in home decor magazines, whilst drooling over eye-catching boutique designs and super flash kitchens. But buying new furniture entirely and changing up everything is not always as feasible as we would like it to be.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to remain stuck with the same surroundings, as there are ways to get that fresh look you’re seeking, without needing to raid your savings account.

You can simply upcycle the existing furniture you already have to give your house a new look, without having to spend more than a couple of quid. Upcycling is a way to reuse most things, which might have otherwise been thrown away. So, before you toss away your old furniture, why not consider repurposing it instead?

If you’ve been searching for assistance, then look no further, because the team at Great Rads have put together our top 6 hacks to help you repurpose old, worn furniture to give your house a completely new look!

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane with Travel Trunks

Those nostalgic trunks that are super old-fashioned that have been in the attic for decades may come in handy. Alongside their exotic and romantic connotations, these dated travel trunks are perfect as a storage solution, yet they bring with them an element of quirky visuals too.

They can be used as a coffee table, bedside table or simply as a display piece; either way, they look sophisticated and worldly, so if you own one, wipe the dust off and display it proudly.

Give Those Dresser Drawers A Touch Up!

If you have some leftover paint and a set of unused drawers at home and don’t know what to do with them, you may be surprised to see what a quick coat of paint can do.

Simply sand down the draws, give them a lick of paint and voila - you now have chic bathroom storage to stock all your toiletries, without needing to spend a single penny. These will look especially cool with a chrome towel radiator.

Take Your Old Ladders to New Heights!

Rather than giving your old, unused ladder away, why not dress it up and use it for something else instead? Go ahead and add a few wooden planks to stock accessories and books to give any room in your house a shabby-chic look. But if rustic is more your thing, then you can hang them horizontally on your wall as well and use it as a quirky bookshelf.

Give Those Worn Tables A Makeover

Do not give up on tables that have lost a leg or chairs that are just a little too shabby to be used. There are loads of unexpected ways to bring your worn furniture back to life!

Check out these wonderful chairs that have been used as planters. We bet you hadn’t thought about doing this with them! Add a little character to your garden, we guarantee you’ll receive compliments whenever you have guests over.

Convert Those Pallets into A Cool Coffee Table

Are you on a lookout for a cool coffee table? Make use of those old wooden pallets and create your own instead. Its unique design will surely make it a conversation piece and gather countless compliments! Not to mention, the top of your table will be absolutely perfect to hold trays filled with summery snacks and drinks!

Well, the genius ways mentioned above will certainly inspire you and soon you’ll be proud of not only having your very own, original furniture, but also for saving yourself some extra dosh!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your creative juices flowing and start repurposing your old furniture now. And if you need any further assistance with kitting your house out with good quality furniture, feel free to get in touch with today!

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