6 Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room

Here at Great Rads, we’re not afraid to experiment and try new things when it comes to interior design. We believe that it’s always a good time to reinvent your living room. Since it’s usually the room most people spend the majority of their time in, particularly with guests, you need to make it look cosy and appealing. Here are some ideas you can use to make your living room more inviting.

Use a Bold Palette

Why not experiment with rich and deep colours that give an impression of warmth. Try using dark colours like navy and charcoal on a feature wall, not only do they look great but they provide some contrast to your furniture’s colour. Wooden furniture in particular looks fantastic when complemented by a bold colour choice, giving a mid-century edgy look to your living room.

Lighting It Up

To keep your room looking stylish all year round, it is essential to have a room that’s well lit. Having said that, to add an additional element of class to your room why not install lights with a dimming option in order to set the mood for any occasion. Tactical use of candles and a fireplace can help increase the 'cozy' feel of the room whilst carefully positioned mirrors and reflective surfaces will add to the effect.

Keep the Heat In

You might not be so thankful during Summer, but in Winter it’s crucial that your living area is well insulated. If you’re looking for something a bit different, or even a feature, why not check out our designer radiators that combine design with practicality. All you need to do is figure out which kind of radiator is suitable for your room. Another tip is to check for ill-fitted windows and replace them with double or triple gazed units. Whilst a significant investment on its own, you’ll soon notice the difference in monthly outgoings.

Textured Layers

Nothing looks more comforting and ‘homely’ than something soft with a warm texture to sink into at the end of a tough day. It may not come naturally to all of us, but make use of cushions with faux-fur and felted fabrics to maximise comfort.

Use the Space According to the Seasons

Whilst it may seem like a lot of work, why not try implementing different designs for different seasons? Try light colourful curtains during Summer and change to heavier, more practical drapes in Winter. If you’re feeling less adventurous, why not try mixing cushions and accessories for different seasons to give the room a different feel throughout the year?

Adding Shine

You’d be surprised at how simply scattering some copper and brass items throughout the room you can add a decadent touch to your living room. They generally match almost any colour scheme and they also allow you to introduce a bit of shine and additional light to the room. Picture frames, light shades and artwork compliments this as eye catching details.

We would love to know your favourite interior design ideas! How do you breathe new life into a room without a total makeover?

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