6 Proven Tips To Getting A Better Nights Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to staying in tip top health and failing to get the right amount of shut eye can have a negative impact, both mentally and physically.

Whilst some people can hit the pillow and snooze for hours without even having to try, there are others who find getting a great night’s sleep an extremely difficult task.

There really is nothing worse than lying in bed awake at the most ridiculous hour, counting down the hours until the dreaded alarm goes off.

If you struggle to regularly get your well-needed sleep then don’t give up and accept that feeling fatigued is just how it’s going to be just yet… there are ways to combat sleep deprivation and if you follow our tips below, you’ll be getting more shut eye in no time! 

  1. Follow A Bedtime Ritual And Do Not Deviate

Getting into a routine is one way to get your body used to winding down at the same time every night. Taking certain steps before going to bed, like having downtime without the television or mobile phones will signal to your body that sleep is imminent.

Having a relaxing warm shower just before you climb into bed or reading a few chapters of a book will serve as triggers to your body, ones which it will very quickly associate with going to sleep.

  1. Block The World Out

In order for your brain to not go into overtime whenever you want to sleep, it needs to be able to shut off from the world. Unnecessary noise and light will only distract it from the task ahead.

If you live in an area that is rather noisy, play some relaxing music in the background or invest in some earplugs if you want complete silence. An eye mask is the perfect solution if you like to fall to sleep in a darkened room. You’ll also be far less likely to get distracted in bed if you wear one of these. 

  1. Get The Perfect Surroundings

Your bedroom should be the ultimate place to relax and indulge. How are you going to get a good night’s sleep if you hate your sleeping space?

It needs to feel cosy and serene if it is to become your very own sleep sanctuary. A luxurious headboard can transform your bed and the perfect bedside lightning can be the difference between a bedroom of dreams and a room of disappointment.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re feeling nice and toasty. A chilly bedroom and cold feet can keep even the deepest of sleepers awake, so avoid this concern by investing in a reliable designer radiator

  1. Choose The Right Mattress

Spending money on decking your bedroom out with expensive interior design and huge plasma TV’s is pointless if you don’t have a bed that allows you to have a good night’s sleep.

Mattresses can be pretty expensive, but it’s something that we must just accept in life if we are to get some decent rest. They are an investment and last for years, so if you can afford the better options then go for it, as your body will definitely thank you.  Visit your local bed stores and try out various mattresses until you find the one that is perfect for you. 

  1. Stop Watching The Clock

Come on, we’ve all done it. Who hasn’t laid in bed watching the hours tick by whilst resisting the urge to pull one’s hair out with sheer frustration?

If you have a clock by your bedside, turn it around so that you don’t feel tempted to glance at it constantly throughout the night. Reminding yourself of how many hours you have left will serve no purpose other than to keep you awake for longer.

  1. Pillows Talk For Themselves

Finding the right pillow can be compared to Goldilocks’ dilemma with the porridge. Getting it just right can be tricky, but your body knows what it wants, so listen to it.

If you keep waking up tired or suffer from a stiff neck, it could be because it is not supporting the natural curve of your neck when you’re lying on your back. Having a pillow that is too flat is just as bad as having one that is too thick. Memory foam and water pillows are great at moulding to your body’s needs, so consider investing in one if you have the pennies to spare.

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