What is Dual Fuel?

Dual Fuel essentially gives the choice of using either electric or central heating on one radiator.

You can have the whole central heating system running, normally in the winter months, or you can choose to just have the chosen towel radiator running by using the electric option. This is especially useful in the summer (if you just want to warm a towel and not the whole house!!) and makes it a real economical choice.

For installation you would require both central heating pipes coming into your room, and an electric element connected to a fused spur.

To order you would order a Radiator as normal, and then you would require: 

Electric Heating Element

This heats the radiator when used as electric operating. 

Radiator Valves 

These are required to control the water from the central heating system. You can have either standard fixed valves, or thermostatically controlled, for setting the radiators operating temperature independently to the whole system. 


T Junction for Dual Fuel

This is the magic bit that connects the radiator valve for the central heating and the electric element to the same entry point on the radiator.


At Great Rads we have a fantastic selection of radiators that can be used for Dual Fuel Use - click here for the collection.  They are becoming increasingly popular.

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