8 DIY Projects That Are Perfect for the Summer

Every summer, we all want to get outdoors. Whilst the weather’s good, we want to feel the sunshine on our faces and roam free in the parks, countryside or hit the swimming pool, but that’s not all summer is good for.

There’s just something about the sunshine that puts you in the mood to re-decorate and undertakes interior projects and other DIY tasks.

Further to making the most of your garden during the summer, the season can be the perfect time for indoor upgrades. With everyone out of the house or flat and out enjoying their summer holidays, there’s no better time to give your home a makeover.

Below are just a few of the many options for home-based DIY, taking advantage of the summertime to get your home cosy in time for winter.

Give Your Property a Bath

Take advantage of the summer sun and get outside with a hose and sponge. The outside of your house will accumulate a lot of muck over time, so giving it a wash during a sunny day is a great way to spruce it up and cool down at the same time. Be careful not to use too high pressure a water source, otherwise, you could be faced with a broken window or damaged tiling or brickwork.

Landscape Your Garden

Get to gardening during the summer holidays. Whether it’s a new water feature, brickwork or patio area, the summer is a great season to take your greenery to new heights of lusciousness. There’s always something to be bettered in your garden, whatever the size you’re working with.

Outdoor Kitchen

One option for upgrading your garden (if you have the space for it, that is) is to build an outdoor kitchen. This doesn't require you to install a wash basin and herb rack, but instead installing a brick-built barbecue area. This gives you a new and tastier way to enjoy your own little patch of paradise, all at very little cost and maintenance.

Plant an Allotment or Flower Bed

If landscaping isn’t your bag, then why not make your garden a little greener. If you have space in your outdoor area, planting a few of your favourite flowers - or even cultivating your own vegetable patch -will give you the chance to add colour and vitality to your garden. This can also help to make your home that little bit more self-sustaining.

Power Flush Your Central Heating

There’s no better time than the summer to optimise your central heating system. Whilst you’re using it less regularly, clear out any blockages from your central heating pipes by adding some power flush to the system. This will clear out any residual build up whilst also ensuring it can’t build up again, making for a healthy system when you need it most in the colder months.

Bleed Your Radiators

Whether you own a floor standing radiator, or a wall mounted one, any central heating-based unit will need to be bled eventually.

To do this, you will need to pinpoint the pocket of air affecting the efficiency of your radiator. Once you’ve found it, turn off your radiator system and open the bleed valve with your radiator key. This will allow any pockets of air trapped inside your radiator to be released with a hiss. When the hiss stops and your bleed valve starts to leak water, it’s time to tighten the valve again.

Want some more information? Check out our guide on how to bleed a radiator.

Install a New Designer Radiator

Whilst you’re using it less, the summer might be the perfect time of year to install new designer radiators. With so many vertical radiators, radiators for bathrooms and low level radiators out there, you can add a touch more personality to your home with an easy, quick install. During the summer months, the installation process will cause no hassle at all.

Give Your Fence and Decking a Makeover

Woodworks in the garden always need a bit of work eventually. Wood can decay over time, so make sure that if you want to keep that rustic, worn look on your fencing and garden woodworks, that you re-stain the surfaces.

If it’s a clean and crisp wood aesthetic you want, then give your trestle, ornaments or fencing a varnish, adding an extra layer of protection so it can bear the brunt of the elements over time.

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