Bedroom Envy - How To Create A Bedroom Your Friends Are Jealous Of

Summer is already here, which means one thing – there is no school run, at least for the next 6 weeks, which means you might even be able to sneak in a good lie in or two. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all you’ll be doing is having a lie down on the hot sand, catching some rays whilst sipping on a glass of Martini… though we can all dream, right?

Though most of you might need a week or two to chill and relax, life sometimes gets in the way, meaning the majority of us don’t get to do that.

If you belong to the latter half, you will need to create an area in your house that helps you get away from the hectic rush of day-to-day life – and what better place than your bedroom?

And if you don’t already love your bedroom, it’s about time that you started to. We aren’t necessarily suggesting that you revamp it entirely – though if that’s a possibility, go for it!

But to get a feeling of serenity, you simply need to transform that room into your very own paradise and a space that spells YOU. At Great Rads, we ensure that with the help our top-notch tips, you’ll not only have a heaven that you can call your own, but a bedroom that will also make your friends green with envy!

Add A Pop Of Colour!

Speaking of transforming your bedroom, let’s begin with colour. Don’t worry, we’re not for a second suggesting that your room needs to be splashed with neon colours – and we aren’t expecting huge changes. There’s no need to go bonkers with it, unless you want to.

Simply unleash the gipsy in you and pick a colour from the interior magazines or paint samples that make you feel at complete ease. Later, you can either paint your walls in that colour or apply it in the form of art or accessories.

But, ensure that it is the first and the last thing you see whilst waking up and going to bed. For sure, it will put a big, warm smile on your face and help you unwind.

Make It Nice and Snugly!

While giving a face-lift to your bedroom, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll purchase good lighting and bedding for it look fresh. But, how about going for drapes to create that much-needed welcoming environment in your very own paradise?

Of course, when you’re running short of space, blinds would be your got-to option, but nonetheless, if space is not a major concern and you’re all about creating a cosy feel, then full-length drapes should be at the top of your list. Needless to say, drapes do add a zest of pattern, texture and colour. Furthermore, they give your bedroom a chic look!

Now, whilst you’re on your mission to achieve the cosiest feel possible in your bedroom, the next step is to get yourself some quality designer radiators. Whilst opting for better quality radiators might cost more initially, their efficiency will save you money in the long run, plus they look a whole lot better than the cheaper ones you’ll find. Not only will these make your room nice and toasty, but designer radiators also give it your bedroom a lavish hotel-like feel.

If you really want to go all out on comfort, then opt to get underfloor heating installed underneath your bedroom’s floorboards too.

Declutter, declutter, then declutter some more…

Whilst we might not always like to admit it, there is often a hoarder within us that we just can’t seem to shift. We hold onto items that we never use anymore and clothing that has never even shed the label “for that special occasion” – look, we’ve all done it, but having clutter in your bedroom will actually stress you out. Clear home, clear mind remember… Face it – the floordrobe needs to go.

But why do we do it?

Well, it is considered as a ‘guest free zone’, isn’t it? Meaning that whilst trying to “wow” the guests with a lounge that’s free of clutter, we tend to plonk everything in the bedroom during the eleventh-hour clean-up spree.

That being said, why not purchase baskets of various shapes and sizes for both your lounge, as well as bedroom? Not only will you save the time spent running up and down the stairway during the pre-guest lunacy, but it will also help keep your bedroom spick and span.

Do Away with the TV

We know this might seem really absurd to you. But you know what... we’ll stick to our guns and say it all over again – DO AWAY WITH THAT TV!!!

Try leaving all of your technology downstairs, so that you can truly unwind whilst you are in your bedroom. Go old school and try reading a book or laying there with a face mask on and soft, relaxing music playing instead. TV’s are mood – and even romance killers, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

We know that Netflix can be addictive, but they end up ruining the relaxed feel of a well-designed bedroom and take away all your priceless moments by filling them with another episode of your favourite TV series.

Now that you know how to go about it, get going and transform your bedroom into a paradise that your friends will be jealous of.

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