Best Designer Radiators for a Living Room

Designer living room radiators

We all spend a lot of time in our living rooms relaxing, so it's important to decorate it in a style we like so we enjoy our time there. One thing that many people struggle with is finding a radiator that both works in the space they have and looks great too - plus heats the room efficiently. Luckily, living room radiators have come a long way in recent years and there are many designer radiators for living rooms that either become a design feature or fit in seamlessly to the room's scheme.

In our guide to the best radiators for living rooms, we help you choose the style you want to create. We outline how you should consider the space you have and the best place to put your radiator so you pick the living room radiators that will look great and work brilliantly.

Choose the style you want to create in your living room

From the outset, be clear on what style you want in your living room. Doing so takes a fair bit of research to ensure that all elements will come together and work harmoniously. Look in design magazines and take cuttings of pictures you like. Or, trawl the internet and use Pinterest as a place to keep all your ideas.

From there, you'll have created a mood board - you'll soon start to see some common themes that are throughout your chosen pics. From there, refine what images are your favourite and pick out elements that are really important to you.

Consider space and best place to put your radiator

Once you have an idea of what you want in your living room, you need to look at where you are going to put all your furniture and what wall space is available to you for your radiators. When looking at the wall space for your radiator, try to eventually pick the spot where the room is coldest. In doing so, you will be heating your room efficiently and minimising cold spots that can make a room draughty.

Research what radiators will work in the spaces that you have earmarked. Remember that there are the more traditional horizontal living room radiators but more and more living room vertical radiators which can make for a fantastic wow factor.

Designer radiators for living rooms

Living room radiators do not need to be dull. Our favourite designer radiators look brilliant - but they also pump heat into a room quickly should it be freezing outside. These are some of our top picks from our store which include the best vertical radiators for living rooms as well as stylish horizontal ones:

Reina Colona Horizontal Designer Column Radiator

This is a modern take on the traditional radiator that creates a great deal of heat - showing that usefulness and style do not have to be mutually exclusive. There are traditional valves so the radiator maintains a retro feel while looking effortlessly chic. Plus, it's available in a huge range of sizes meaning that you can find an option that works for your room and your space easily.

DQ Vulcano Vertical Designer Radiator

This single panel, vertical radiator would look great in a multitude of living rooms with a multitude of schemes. It is made in lots of different colours, making it easy to pick the best option for your own colour palette. Plus, because it is so tall, it is a really efficient model too. Yet, it is slimline, meaning it can fit into a very awkward space that would otherwise not be used. It also comes in a wide variety of sizes so that potential buyers can choose the height and width that suits their room the best. And, if you like it that much, you'll find that it is also available in a towel rail for your bathroom.

Reina Flat Vertical Designer Radiator

For those looking for a real feature in their living room, this vertical radiator from Reina could be a good option. It is minimalist so will fit in with a sleek living room scheme, but also amiable in many different colours. From black to white - and every shade of the rainbow in between. There will be an option suitable for all. Again, like our other favourites, it is manufactured in several sizes so finding an option to fill a space is quick and easy. Finally, it will make your room not only look great, but be toasty and warm throughout winter.

Best radiators for living room

There are so many radiators available on the market now that there really is no need to choose a bog standard flat white one - unless that is the minimalist look you are going for. Check out our range of radiators today to see what ones would look best in your living room.

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