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DQ Heating is one of our most popular radiator suppliers, leading the way in stylish designer radiators. The DQ team combines quality and value for money with an eye for design that sets them apart from other manufacturers. If you're looking for a stunning designer radiator to decorate a new room or to bring an old one back to life, this is the company for you! From traditional designs to modern styles and structures, DQ Heating constantly brings new ideas to the table: wide choice of finishes, plenty of sizing options, and designs to suit every style and home.

Who is DQ Heating?

DQ Heating is a family-owned business with a strong reputation for staying close to the needs of its customers. The team is able to work with agility and creativity thanks to the size and history of the business, making it easy for them to move quickly on new trends and styles. The nature of their business also means that they can build close, long-lasting relationships with global manufacturers, allowing for fantastic quality at exceptional prices.

They recently took one step even closer to quality control by investing in their own powder coating plant. The facility is on the same site as their warehouse and dispatch department, which significantly reduces the risk of product damage. The launch of the plant has also resulted in a much lower carbon footprint for each painted order of radiator.

DQ Heating's radiators are all about design, function, and variety. Their range includes bespoke models made to order, beautifully traditional cast iron radiators, and stylish modern radiators that come in all kinds of designs and sizes.

Top DQ Heating products

If you're looking for a designer radiator that brings together simplicity and elegance, look no further than the DQ Modus 4 Column Horizontal Designer Radiator. Available in two, three and four columns, this radiator is designed to make a stylish statement in any room. It is also available in several colours and finishes — including the RAL colours, copper, black nickel, and brass lacquer — so that you can be sure it will fit in with your desired colour scheme and interior design.

Create a visual statement and centrepiece for your home with the stunning DQ Modus 2 radiator. Its vertical design makes it ideal for bare walls that need some extra attention. With a radiator like this, available in several beautiful finishes, you'll never be short of a conversation topic with houseguests and friends. Check in with our team to determine which valves you need and whether you need to update what you have.

If modern minimalism is your home's aesthetic, then the DQ Strata Horizontal is the perfect radiator for you. Its flat, horizontal bars are stylish but subtle, for an effortlessly seamless blend into your surrounding decoration and design. This radiator is made from mild steel, which guarantees fantastic heat output.

Looking for a simple and sleek towel radiator that isn't clunky or too obtrusive? The DQ Austen Towel Radiator is both functional and beautiful, making it a great bathroom asset for homeowners who want to make sure that their bathroom is as stylish as the rest of their house. With a chic brushed brash finish — which is very on-trend right now — and a range of available sizes, this radiator is both a pleasure to look at and use. For anyone whose home is all about bright, bold and beautiful colours, the Orion Towel Radiator provides a vibrant burst of colour — something that sometimes bathrooms can lack. It's available in DQ Heatings' suite of RAL colours, which means there is an option to suit every taste.

You don't have to just limit your colour bursts to the bathroom either. The unique Vulcano Vertical Radiator also comes in a range of RAL colours and special finishes. Super modern with an elegant, streamlined shape, this radiator will bring bedrooms and living rooms alike alive.

The Vela Electric Radiator isn't just a contemporary masterpiece to look at — it is also WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, meaning that its temperature and timing can be controlled via a smartphone app.

If you're looking for something more bespoke and tailored specifically to your needs and aesthetic, this is also something they can cater for with personalised elements and customisable options.


If you're looking for a fantastic range of designer radiators from a company that champions quality and a reduced carbon footprint, DQ Heating is the brand for you. Whether you're looking for understated chic for the living room, a simple but modern radiator that blends beautifully into its surroundings, or a sophisticated towel rail that will increase your bathroom's design credentials massively — DQ Heating has it all. Keep in mind their amazing range of colours, finishes and sizes too, all of which allow you to tailor your home heating to suit the rest of your interior design and decor. Speak to one of our team today to find out more.

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