Brand Spotlight: Reina

Home heating is always a tricky choice, especially when you buy radiators at Great Rads. With so many brand options, designs and colour schemes to sort through on our website, we like to try and make things a little easier for you. By showcasing the various designers and companies we stock, customers can get a little more insight and background into the designer radiators they’re browsing. 

This means that we’ve done the research for you, and makes your choices that little bit easier. After all, radiators are some of the most difficult purchases to make. With radiators lasting for a very long time indeed and the warranty for at least ten years, you’ll want to make sure you’re completely on board with the model you’re purchasing. Radiators are an investment after all.

Today we’ll be focusing on Reina radiators. These radiators are some of the most popular in the Great Rads store and offer up some of the best modern and eclectic designs on the market. Here’s a little more about their company.

Reina Horizontal Designer Radiators

What Are Reina Radiators? 

Reina is a radiator company who have been running since 2005. Based in the UK, Reina focuses on designer and boutique radiator models with a difference. With their unique style and eye catching look, customers of the Reina collection enjoy both classically traditional radiator designs as well as more left of field and innovative designs. This makes Reina a brand for all tastes and needs, ensuring that every function that a radiator can perform has a model to suit. 

Having been privately owned since it was set up, the Reina Radiator company retain complete autonomy over their radiator models, ensuring that their designs are as well researched and modelled as possible. With less outside interference, Reina can focus on what they do best - make radiators.

Reina Materials

Seeing as they’re based in the UK, it makes sense that Reina use British materials to manufacture their models. As one of the leading manufacturers of steel, Reina uses this British born industry to make their radiators that little more local. Steel can be utilised in both it’s mild and alloyed stainless form, and steel made radiators promise quick heating and a lightweight frame.

Reina Collection

So, what radiators can you find in the Reina collection? With a broad variety of models which suit every home, the Reina collection at Great Rads promises something for everyone. Whether you’re after boutique modern radiators or an age-old classic, Reina has the heating unit to suit your interior.

Flat Panels from Reina

The Reina flat panel radiator collection includes the Kensington and the Pimlico flat panel designs. Both of these radiators come with a mix of vertical and horizontal designs and are modern and slick in their look. These radiators are known for their quick heat-up times and space-saving slimline look. Due to their modernity, these radiators often come in a range of colour palettes and finishes, keeping it versatile for the modern-day radiator buyer.

Vertical Designer Radiators Reina

Vertical Radiators from Reina

Vertical radiators are some of the most popular modern models on the market. The vertical radiator collection from Reina includes the Reina Neva and the Reina Nerox, both of which utilise height over width for a more space-efficient radiator model. The Reina vertical models often utilise smooth and accentuated columns which add to the modernity of the brand.

Reina Towel Radiators

Whether it be a towel rail added to a vertical flat panel or compact towel radiators in the traditional style, the Reina collection of towel radiators are always functional and stylish. Designs in the Reina brand include the angular and ultra-modern Serpe towel rail and the more traditional laddered design Serena. Both of these come with a shiny chrome finish, perfect for adding more light and the illusion of spaciousness in an often cramped bathroom.

Reina Radiator Efficiency

Reina radiators retain a high BTU which ensures that they are always up to scratch when it comes to home heating. In part, this is because of their efficient designs, and in part, it’s due to the quick heat-up times of their steel frames.

Design Versatility

When it comes down to it, the Reina radiators' main strength is in its flexibility of style, ensuring that all tastes and interior trends have something to reach out for.

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