Can You Control Your Heating With a Smart Meter?

Energy Smart Meter

The internet is infiltrating every aspect of our lives. To such a degree that an internet connection can actually help you run a more efficient central heating system as you can control your heating even when you are not in your home. To do so, you need the help of a smart meter which can not only help you control your heating, but also materially reduce your heating bill as you only ever heat your home when needed.

How do smart radiator thermostats work?

Different smart radiator thermostats work in different ways. But many will have similar features to ensure they are as useful as possible.

Some deduce who is home by using the GPS on a person's phone. So, if the thermostat picks up a household member's GPS tracker in the house, then the thermostat knows to turn on. Some may even figure out that a person is nearing home, so will switch on the heating prior to their return to ensure it is warm when they get back.

Some thermostats are smart in that they learn how you need your home heated. So it will know when you are home, but also when you find it too hot - turning the heating down or up as and when you may need.

Some smart thermostats are able to heat different rooms at different temperatures. It can either identify which rooms are colder than others and adjust the radiator in that room accordingly, or it can identify which rooms simply do not need to be as hot as others as they are not used as frequently. As a result, it will likely turn the thermostat down in that room.

They can also look at the weather reports and adjust the heating in the house. So, on chillier summer's days, it will know to turn the heating back up a little. On warmer spring or even winter days, it can turn the heating down to ensure you are not heating a home that is warm enough already.

Finally, it can alert you to any faults in the system. This is a big advantage and can save you a lot of money by preventing problems getting bigger than they need to be.

How to install a smart thermostat

So how does a smart thermostat connect to a boiler? It is far easier than you think and should therefore not be immediately shied away from for fear of it being too complicated. However, if you are ever a little unsure as to how to install a smart thermostat, do ask a professional expert for help.

  1. Turn off your central heating system and electrics
  2. Take the front of your old thermostat off to reveal the wiring. It can be a good idea to take a picture of it with your phone at this juncture so you know what the old wiring looked like before you attach your new thermostat
  3. Take the old thermostat off entirely and then install a C-Wire. It is not strictly necessary to do this, but it does make the whole process a little more straightforward. This is something that most electricians would do as standard, so do approach one if you are at all unsure
  4. Install the back piece of your new thermostat and reconnect the wires once the thermostat is fixed as it should be. Use your photo from your phone to help you if you are uncertain as to where the wires should go
  5. Place the front of your new thermostat on top. It should snap easily into place so don't use too much brute strength if it does not go on its own. You may have a wire or similar in the way
  6. Turn your electrics back on and check that the thermostat starts up
  7. Ensure your Wifi connection is working and connect your thermostat to it
  8. Install your thermostat's app on your phone and follow the directions on how to use the thermostat in your home according to your needs.

So can you control your heating with a smart meter? The answer is a resounding yes. But there are other options available to you as well if you do not want to install a smart thermostat. Some of the best electric radiators around are actually some of the best smart electric radiators too, meaning you can switch on your electric heater from a device when outside your home. Check out our range of smart electric radiators as well as our smart thermostats so that you can begin to heat your home more efficiently and economically immediately.

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