Can You Put a TV Above a Radiator?

Room with wall mounted tv & space for radiator below

Deciding where to put everything in a living room to maximise space can take time. One place that many people try to make space savings is by putting a TV above a radiator where there is often negative wall space. However, is that good for your TV? If not, what is the best place to put a TV in your living room?

Here, we provide tips for putting your TV above a radiator as well as identifying what is the best position for a radiator in your living room in general. Doing so will mean you get the most out of the layout of your most used room in your house.

Tips for putting your TV above a radiator

Read your TV's guide

The key to knowing how your TV will react to being above a radiator is not always about knowing about how to use your central heating. Instead, it's often down to the TV itself. Find your TV's user guide and read through it to ascertain how hot it can get to work optimally. Anything above or below the guidance means it may be inadvisable to put it above a radiator. Commonly, TVs can withstand heats of up to 50 degrees celsius. While that may sound like a lot (you won't want your room to be that hot), if your TV is directly above the radiator, it can reach far hotter temperatures than the room itself. 

Use a wall mount

Many of our customers ask 'can I wall mount my TV above a radiator'? While our suggestion will be as above - to check the TV's user guide first - a wall mount will help alleviate the problem of your TV getting too hot if it's immediately above the radiator itself. The reason being is that the air from the radiator will get cooler so that by the time it reaches the base of a radiator, it should hopefully have cooled to a temperature that the TV can comfortably work at. 

Use a thermostatic valve

Another way round making sure your TV never gets too hot is to install a thermostatic valve on your radiator. Doing so means you can turn the radiator down when you are using the TV, meaning it can work optimally without you worrying it will overheat. Additionally, it means you can also just switch off that one radiator as opposed to switching off the entire central heating system if you want to watch TV without having to think about whether your entertainment system is getting too hot. 

Put the TV above a radiator cover

While it may not be the most efficient way to heat a room, installing a TV above a radiator cover can be a good way to get round the problem of a TV overheating. The reason being is that a radiator cover will stop the object directly above the radiator getting too hot - in this case the TV. The only problem with installing a radiator cover is that, in general, they make the radiator less efficient at heating the room. By adding a cover, you are actually insulating the heat in.

What is the best position for a radiator in your living room? 

If, after reading this, you do not think that the best place to put a TV in a living room is above a radiator, what is the best position for a radiator in your living room in general?

Generally speaking, it is best to put your radiator in the coldest part of a room. Doing so makes the best use of convection currents and so heats your room most efficiently. By heating the cold air first, it helps eradicate any cool temperatures in the room as the hot air then rises from the radiator. The convection current then pulls the cold air to the radiator ensuring optimal flow of cold to hot.

For that reason, many people choose to put their radiators below a window. There are two benefits to this. Firstly, most homes do not want to put furniture under a window anyway - largely because it may not fit without blocking some of the light coming in. The area below the window is therefore dead space - so it may as well be used for a radiator. Secondly, it tends to be the coldest part of the room, particularly in old houses. It heats any cool air that comes in through draughts in the window panes, keeping the rest of the room warm.

It is definitely possible to put a TV on a wall above a radiator, but it may not always be advisable. Your TV may not work if it overheats and your radiator may be so efficient at pumping out heat that it makes your TV too hot. If you are lacking wall space in your room, which is why you are debating this, check out our range of radiators as you should find one that fits into the smallest space in another part of your living room.

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