Designer Mirror Radiators for Your Bathroom

Designer mirror radiators

When it comes to designing a bathroom, it's crucial to get the layout right, right from the start. Part of that layout includes deciding where the radiator goes - but they can take up a lot of much-needed wall space, particularly in a room that is commonly one of the smallest in the house.

A bathroom mirror radiator can be a good option therefore. More often than not, a bathroom will have a mirror in it - so you can shave or put makeup on easily. But are mirror radiators any good? Here, we answer that question by exploring the plethora of advantages a bathroom mirror radiator can add to your home, as well as identifying some of the best bathroom mirror radiators on the market at the moment.

Why mirror radiators are a great option for your bathroom

There are so many benefits to a bathroom mirror radiator. Firstly, by doubling up the functions of just one item in your bathroom, you’re saving money. You negate the need to buy a radiator and a mirror. Instead, you have both in just one object.

Secondly, due to that doubling up, as previously aforementioned, you are saving a lot of space in your bathroom. This is so crucial in a bathroom that often has to fit in a toilet, sink, shower and maybe even a bath. Not to mention those who want a bidet and some storage space too.

Additionally, mirrors are a great way of making a space brighter and lighter. As you are freeing up space in your bathroom by not needing a radiator, you can install either a bigger or more mirrors. The impact is that your bathroom feels bright and larger as a result. So often, bathrooms are not always lucky enough to have a window or are the smallest room in the house, so utilising the space and making it look bigger is key.

The best bathroom mirror radiators

Designer mirror radiators tend to fall into two categories. They will either be a vertical radiator with mirror, or a horizontal mirror radiator. Depending on the space you have, will impact which you choose. Obviously the benefit of a vertical radiator with a mirror is that you will be able to use it as a full length mirror when getting ready to go out. The benefit of a horizontal mirror radiator is that it will fit above a sink or any other higher wall spaces.

Our current favourites are:

Carisa Arco Stainless Steel Mirrored Radiator - Limited Edition

This chic and stylish mirror makes it hard to believe that it is a radiator too. It is both functional and practical, while also being a design feature for any room, but would look perfect in a bathroom. It is also available in brushed stainless steel and is guaranteed for up to 25 years, making it a solid buy. At just under 2 meters long by 50cm wide, it will need a fairly sizable wall to fit on - but it will warm up any room beautifully.

Eskimo Super Mirror Outline Square Radiator

The clean lines of the Eskimo Supper Mirror make it suitable for many different types of bathroom. Regardless of what overall look you may be going for in your ensuite or your family bathroom, this square bathroom radiator mirror will fit in. Available in a variety of sizes, making it perfect for any sized room, this mirror will pump out heat to a really high temperature if needed. It starts at 60cm by 60cm, but can go up to 1 meter in width by 1 meter.

Carisa Grace Stainless Steel Radiator

The elegant lines of this bathroom mirror radiator from Carisa would work well in a minimalist bathroom. The brushed finish stainless steel is hardwearing and the entire appliance is guaranteed for 10 years. At 1m by 72cm, it is one of the slimmest bathroom mirror radiators out there, yet it still will manage to help heat a room efficiently. Its simple and crisp design will also mean that it never goes out of style.

Designer mirror radiators are a great option for many and any bathrooms. Thanks to the raft of benefits that they provide each and every bathroom, they are often hugely advantageous practically speaking as well as a product that simply looks great once installed. Their ability to transform a room should not be underestimated - all the while heating a room to keep it warm during cooler months. With space so often at a premium in a bathroom, it makes sense to install a bathroom mirror radiator whenever you are refurbishing your bathroom. Check out our range today.

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