Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rails: Why Are They Important?

With so many radiators to choose from at Great Rads, it can often be difficult to determine exactly what you need for your home heating system. Whether you’re looking for a heating system to fit the mood of your interior, or you want your radiator to lead the style of your home, the practical elements of your radiator should always come first.

One of the most difficult spaces to heat is the bathroom. In a room starved of space already, you’re left at the mercy of space economy to find a suitable unit. The bathroom is home to a number of essential appliances but, counter-intuitively, the room is often smaller than others in the property.

To make matters even more complicated, bathrooms have very different heating needs than other spaces in your house. In part, this is because space is used less frequently and for shorter amounts of time. The heat produced by appliances such as showers, sinks and baths also adds to the list of things to consider when exploring radiators for bathrooms.

Towel Rails - Reina

Who needs prolonged radiator heat in the bathroom if the steam in your shower’s going to warm it up?

One solution to the tricky problem of bathroom heating is to invest in a dual fuel towel radiator.

What Is So Great About a Heated Towel Rail?

Heated towel rails are designed to save space in your bathroom. Often vertically shaped rather than horizontally, they utilise height over width, making way for more space to be used for washbasins, baths and showers. Furthermore, the towel rail is just that, a towel rail!

That means that it not only heats the room but any towels (or clothes) you might be saving for after your wash. This is perfect for those cold, winter months were you don’t want to get out of the shower or bath.

Why Going Dual Fuel Is Important

Dual fuel radiators also save you on energy consumption in the bathroom. As mentioned before, bathroom radiators rarely have the same heating needs as the rest of the property, and so should generally be more flexible in the timing of their output than the in tandem warming up of central heating systems. The dual-fuel radiator gives you the opportunity to switch between electric and central heating at the flick of a switch, meaning that it can work independently, and quicker, than the rest of the home.

Dual Fuel Towel Rails to Watch Out For

Not all towel rails look the same. There’s plenty of variety in colour, finish, shape and design.

Here are a few of our favourites here at Great Rads.

Anthracite Straight Towel Radiator

Anthracite is one of the most striking materials to make a radiator from. With its deep black allure, the towel rail becomes not only an eye-catching addition to your interior but a well-protected asset that heats more effectively than most standard bathroom rads.

With its narrow, horizontal bars, this radiator stands low and slim and can be fastened to the wall, or to the floor, piping dependent.  

Midi Square Towel Radiator

Made from stainless steel, the Midi Square towel radiator is a sleek and stylish addition to any bathroom. With its crisp stainless steel frame, the rectangular columns give ample space for towel storage, whilst the range of finishes cater to every taste. With anthracite, latte, mocha, polished and white finish to choose from, this high BTU beauty from Midi offers style and efficiency in equal measure.

Radox Quartz Designer Towel Radiator

Radox Quartz Designer Towel R

Made from alluring quartz, this delicately designed mirror finish panel radiator has a built-in towel rail which adds practicality to the beauty. With its mirror finish being steam free, this slim vertical radiator will add style and light to any bathroom, whatever your aesthetic is.

Stratford Smooth Aluminium

The Stratford Smooth Aluminium is a flat columned radiator that gives ample space for both design flair and quick heat-up times. Whatever your heat output, the Stratford Smooth is a lightweight, easy to install towel radiator. With its dark anthracite finish, the Stratford Smooth will look the part in any modern interior.

Regents Chrome Towel Radiator

The Regents Chrome Towel Radiator offer s a traditional look with crisp, shimmering simplicity. With its square piping and classic ladder design, there’s ample space for towel storage, and the spare shape never scrimps on heat output. Made from mild steel, this lightweight king of the towel rail world offers subtlety and efficiency in equal measure.


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