Dual Fuel Radiators

Dual Fuel Radiators

When it comes to heating your house, there’s few things as good as good as a warm, cosy towel wrapped around your body, when you come out of your shower or bath.

Now, you can capture this experience all year round!

Think back to the good old days when you were a little kid and your mum used to hug you with a soft, cosy towel whilst stepping out of your bath. And, right away you’ll know what we’re trying to talk about.

There’s something satisfying and comforting about that cosy towel, right?

When the towel hits your skin after a long soak, it’s right up there with the joy of that first glass of wine after a hectic week at work- the emotion is beyond words!

But, what if your central heating isn’t on? How would you keep your towels dry and warm without having a bathroom radiator?

This is the purpose of the dual fuel towel radiator, designed to unearth nostalgia. Not to mention, it can keep your pyjamas toasty as well!

There are dozens of different bathroom radiators (trust us, we know!) and dual fuel towel radiators are one of our favourites. Some of them are built simply to keep your towels warm and toasty; whereas others are designed in such a way that they heat up the entire room, thereby introducing extra warmth and luxury to that space.

The sheer number of dual fuel radiators available simply means that you’ll be able to find the perfect heating solution that not just looks dazzling, but also completes the job.

Why would you require a dual fuel towel radiator in the first place?

In terms of functionality, dual fuel radiators are just like any other, they just connect to your central heating and you’re sorted. What makes them different is their electric heating element which allows them to be used independently of your central heating system. So, whilst you might take them for granted in winter when your central heating’s running, you can now heat your towels up during summer too.

To create a dual fuel radiator, you just need to add a Radiator Valve of your choice, a electric element and a dual fuel t piece to connect it all together.

Dual Fuel Accessories

So if you’re fed up of cold towels in the summer, or late night, cold trips to the loo being able to keep the radiator on during summer could be just what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a radiator that combines the efficiency of a standard central heating radiator with the flexibility you need to keep your bathroom warm and cosy independently of the rest of the house, the dual fuel towel radiator could be the option for you.

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