Essentials to Childproof Your Home Radiator

Let’s face it – whether we like it or not, children rule the home. Maybe not literally, as they certainly aren’t the ones paying the bills, but they do have this uncanny knack of getting into every nook and corner in the house.

This makes them prone to the occasional (or not) household accident, which is something you want to avoid at all costs as a parent. This places added responsibilities on the shoulder of parents who now have to design a home environment that gives their kids the liberty to play, whilst ensuring their safety at all times.

There are several appliances and pieces of equipment around the house which could potentially lead to mishaps and amongst them, perhaps the most common, is the radiator.

Installing a radiator is a basic necessity for every home in the UK, thanks to those freezing early mornings prior to the school run. But, this task turns out to be tricky with kids in the house and hence you need to be extra careful while choosing the right model for your home.

Apart from choosing the right designer radiator for your home, there are certain steps that you must take into consideration to avoid any accidents at home, some of which are discussed below.

Cover your radiators

Children in general are intrigued about finding new spots and fiddling with new things that they are not familiar with. And, if you have had a glimpse of the latest designer radiator models and hone ahead with your purchase, your child is likely to be intrigued and unable to resist messing with it.

Keeping them away from the radiator becomes a tricky task as kids prefer to hide their belongings in secret spots, and the front portion of your radiator is a spot that’s as good as any in terms of a hideout. The outcome in both instances is not good, both for your child or the radiator.

Therefore, it is advisable to cover your radiator- firstly because it is the safer option and also because it will ensure your radiator model will maintain its glossy texture and stay in a better condition for longer.

 Familiarise Your Kids With Radiators Around The House

There are several things that you might have taught your children so far, but along with all those important life lessons about not walking off with strangers and staying away from windows, they also need to know which items in the house can cause them harm.

The simplest way to make your kid stay away from the radiator is by informing them about its functionality and the possible outcomes of playing around with it. You can also ask them to not put their hands, feet or any other body part close to the radiator. If you want to get them to understand a little better, you can turn down the temperature, so they are warm, but not painfully hot, and briefly let them touch it. They will then realise that this piece of equipment is hot and possibly painful to touch. Showing, rather than telling, is often the best approach with children, especially those who are younger.

In the event that your child notices any valves lying around the radiator, ask them to bring it to the attention of you or any adult present at home.

Ensure that you don’t scare the living daylights out of your child by exaggerating potential outcomes. Just look to inform them about important relevant information, so that they know the do’s and don’ts when dealing with it. Teach them about burns and how painful they can be, but don’t give them nightmares about it.

Hide pipes

Pipes that are visible to the naked eye can emit gases that are potentially harmful. Additionally, exposed pipes can get damaged easily, therefore it is essential to seal or hide them.

Ensure that you do not have pipes with sharp edges on show, because your child might unknowingly get hurt. The best way to hide pipes is to place them beneath the radiator as they can be checked by experts when the need arises and are not easily noticed by kids.

If you feel that this is not possible or there is not enough space to conceal them, you can invest in pipe covers. Invest in good quality pipe covers so that they do not transfer heat and are safe, even in your absence.

Your child is more precious to you than any other person or thing in the world. Therefore, ensuring that you take all the necessary precautionary measures to keep them safe at home will be at the top of your priority list, and doing so is certainly not a difficult task.

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