Everything You Need to Know About DQ Heating

Radiators are more than just heating units. With the countless brands on the market and a dizzying range of designs, radiators have become more efficient, creative and stylish in their look and output. With so many different makes vying for attention, online designer radiator retailers like Great Rads are teeming with great offers, and picking the right choice for your property might become even more difficult. 

That’s why getting the low down on the different brands on the market is a sensible way to make a start in selecting your home heating. If going out and researching radiators doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend your evening, then don’t worry, we've got you covered.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about one of our leading brands sold by Great Rads; DQ Heating.

DQ Designer Radiator Horizontal

Who is DQ?

Based in Thetford, Norfolk, DQ is one of the largest suppliers of radiators and heating accessories in the UK. Having been selling their wares for over 20 years, the family-run business is one of the best for personalised and boutique services. Whatever the size or heating needs, DQ radiators are high quality, easy-to-order solution for your property.

What do DQ Heating Radiators Do Differently?

DQ radiators come in a range of materials, ranging from steel to aluminium, all with British produced materials. This makes them a highly versatile company who are always on the lookout for new inspiration in their designs. Whilst many companies focus on just one type of radiator, DQ has collated rostra of the modern, traditional and downright innovative.

What Does DQ Sell?

As mentioned, the range of influences on DQ means that their collection is high-end.

Alongside the wide variety of radiators for bathrooms, kitchen radiators, and living room radiators in their collection, DQ also sell spare parts such as radiator valves and pipe covers. These too come in a broad range of shapes and sizes so that every property and taste is kitted out with the optimum heating set up. 

DQ radiators

Towel Radiators

From the Lynford Traditional Towel Rail to the Nemo, the old and new are combined into unique heating opportunities for your bathroom. Made from a range of materials such as mild steel and brass, you can find gleaming, spare structures that give your bathroom the space it needs, whilst offering ample towel and damp clothes storage. Furthermore, the range of DQ towel radiators come in a range of heating options, including dual fuel and electric.

Vertical Radiators

Possibly the most innovative designer radiators in the DQ range, the brand’s collection of vertical radiators spans from panel radiators to column radiators. With a variety of colours and finishes available, these radiators are stylish and forward-thinking. These are more than just heating units, their striking statements to complete your interior. 

Column Radiators

Harking back to the cast iron column radiators of the Victorian era, these radiators, like DQ, are quintessentially British. It’s no surprise then that DQ is so great at designing them. The DQ Modus, for example, comes with the traditional look of its cast-iron predecessors, but with the quick to heat benefits of steel.

Designer Radiators

From minimalist panel radiators to a choice of RAL colours, DQ is the master of designer radiators. It’s in the name; the point of designer radiators is to give a tailored, individual feel to each model, and with the variety of options available for colour, size and finish, DQ is truly an eclectic company.

Where to Buy DQ Radiators

Where to Buy DQ Radiators

Great Rads offer a huge range of DQ Heating radiators and other products and offer customers flexible delivery options. With free deliveries usually taking place between 8 am and 6 pm, you can purchase DQ radiators at any time of the day and expect delivery in just a few days, stock dependent.

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