Finding the Right Design Aesthetic for Your Radiator

On paper, finding the right radiator for your home should be easy. With so many options to choose from at Great Rads, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the right aesthetic for your home.

The question you must ask yourself now is, what exactly is your aesthetic?

With so many interior design styles to pick from, your home will undoubtedly have its own unique look. Whatever your tastes, we have the radiator for your home, bringing in breathtaking heating models and short, wide and tall radiators, all carefully installed to suit your homes aesthetic.

Below are some of our favourite radiators, all with their own unique styles. Whether your home is a vintage throwback or a cutting-edge modern design, we have the perfect radiators to blend seamlessly into your property.


Modern is quite a broad term, encapsulating a wide range of radiator designs. From the industrial minimalist design to the embellished and elaborate, one aspect stands out with all modern radiators: they all embrace the cutting-edge ingenuity of modern home heating.

With the embrace of infrared heating, electric systems and dual fuel, the modern radiator can be as flexible as you want it to be.

Carisa Elite Aluminium Vertical

The Carisa Elite Aluminium Vertical is the perfect example of our modern radiator range. This vertical aluminium model is slender, crisp and clean in its design whilst also ensuring flexibility in its installation. With a great choice of a white finish, this quick-to-heat radiator uses eco-friendly energy outputs and will look the part in any room in your modern property.

Design Radiator


Sometimes simple is best. Our classic radiator designs are well-known models which, despite their discreet designs, still do a stellar job of heating your home. Whether you’re in need of classic horizontal radiators or column radiators, there are plenty of options for sleek and simple solutions.

DQ Peta 3 Column

Replicating the classic column radiator style, but bringing a modernised twist to it, the DQ Peta is the perfect example of a classic from our radiator repertoire. Made from lightweight mild steel and with a flexible aesthetic for both modern and traditional homes, this radiator is the perfect addition to all homes.


Bohemian radiators are those that push the boundaries of design ingenuity whilst also ensuring an economy of energy output. With so many radiator designers bringing their own creative flair to their builds, it’s no surprise that there are so many unique and personalised designs out there. A Bohemian lifestyle means expressing your personality, and that’s what our cutting-edge designer radiators can truly bring to your home.

Eskimo Gong Outline

The Eskimo Gong comes in a wide range of finishes, giving you the flexibility to find the colour and texture to suit your home. With its minimalist panel design, the simplicity of the Eskimo Gong is what helps it to stand out. The low water volume and high heat outputs combine to create an energy efficient radiator which will no doubt make a true statement on your wall.


Vintage throwbacks don’t have to be cumbersome and inefficient. Our collection offers up traditional and decorative radiators infused with the vitality of modern heating technology. Whether you go for a Victorian column radiator or a cast iron beauty, we have everything you need to keep that vintage look in your home.

The Tudor Cast Iron

The Tudor Cast Iron is the perfect example of a throwback design paired with modernised radiator technology. The pristine Edwardian style radiator comes in a variety of finishes and sizes and a boutique design flexible to the needs of your property. With brass taps and a variety of brushed colours, this handmade radiator is the perfect addition to your traditional home.

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