Great Mirror Radiators for Stylish Heating

Mirrored radiators are some of the most popular on the market today, and Great Rads sells some of the best.


The mirrored radiator is a design which might seem innovative, but have been on the market for a few decades now. Ever since the birth of the designer radiator, the mirror radiator has been a model which oozes charm, charisma and powerful multi-functionality. The mirror radiator is often a radiator which kills two birds with one stone, bringing with it a great heating system as well as an aesthetic must have for the home. Whilst these radiators are much sought after, they are very easy to get wrong, and must be curated with care in your home. Below are some of our most popular mirrored radiators, and some of the reasons why they are becoming such best sellers.


Why Are Mirrored Radiators So Popular?

Mirrored radiators are some of the most popular radiators out there due to a wide range of features.


They Are Multi-Functional

Put simply, a mirrored radiator ticks two boxes for home interior necessities, especially in the bathroom. All bathrooms must have a mirror, and if your heating unit doubles up as one, then your job is done with just one purchase. Furthermore, these radiators are often vertical nature, meaning that you will be saving a lot of space in these designer gems.


A Mirrored Finish Gives the Impression of More Room

Mirrored radiators are often seen as some of the most stylish radiators, not only for their vertical allure and design flare, but because the light they reflect from their mirror finish makes the room they are placed within look larger. The more light and reflection, the larger a space looks, making the interior designers job all the more easy.


Carisa Arco Stainless Steel Mirrored Radiator

The Carisa Arco is an arched frame mirror radiator which is the unit on this list which looks the most like an archetypal mirror. This alluring radiator brings brushed finishes and stainless steel to your room, ensuring light and simplicity wherever you install it.

Radox Quartz Designer Towel Radiator

The Radox Quartz has a unique design which allows for a mirrored finish quartz gleam. Suitable for every room in your home, the vertical laddered design of this towel radiator is reflective and beautiful, your mind put at ease in relation to its fragility, due to the 6 mm of safety glass placed in front of the quartz. Whilst the column design means that it is laddered, the mirror finish and narrow gaps ensure that it still works perfectly as a mirror radiator.

Reina Albi Vertical Designer Radiator

This sleek and simple radiator comes with a minimalist design and flat fronted panel, which makes the perfect place for a radiator and mirror combination. Available in a range of finishes, the Reina Albi can come in anthracite or white, and its sleek modern design is crafted from only the best mild steel.


DQ Cove Designer Radiator with Mirror

Available in white, black or anthracite, the Mirrored DQ Cove is a designer radiator which hybridises both the column radiator and the vertical radiator. The sleek columns on either side of the vertical mirror centre make for a bold statement, ensuring that your radiator does not fall into the background, but stands out from the crowd.

Carisa Elvino Bath Mirror Aluminium Towel Radiator

Complete with a towel rail peg, this deceptively simple radiator is one of the sleekest mirror radiators on the market. The Carisa Elvino Bath Mirror radiator brings space, comfort and practicality to your bathroom, whilst its aluminium frame is incredibly durable and heats up very quickly.


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