Great Rads' Stellar Selection of Coloured Radiators

Finding the right radiator is hard enough, let alone when you leave the world of the black and white.

There’s a large grey area for radiator lovers. The striking anthracite black and the subtle white horizontal panel are two very popular options and are found in most homes across the world. The same goes for chrome radiators, adding shine to the home. Many homes want something bolder, shedding the idea that subtlety is key to interior design, and going for designs with more personality. Not everyone can fork out thousands for a boutique designer radiator, and instead opt for simplicity, strength and style over monetary splurges. The diverse range of coloured radiators at Great Rads gives customers a broad palette to choose from, whilst ensuring efficiency and style in all its radiators. Below are just some of our coloured radiators.

Eskimo Cliff Outline

The Eskimo Outline offers up a rapid warm up suitable for low temperature heating systems, making it incredibly efficient. The design is unique in its many choices of finishes. These include the Earthy Pit finish, bringing earthy soil colours, the Steady Flintoff, made from glistening greys, the Mist-in-slater exploring a matt grey alongside Barren Stone’s desert sand colours. All of these promise a beautiful choice, complementing your interior with intricate but subtle colour palettes.

Radox Manhattan Designer Radiator

This expressive vertical column radiator is a wall mounted beauty and mild steel made eye catcher. If the vivid lines shooting out across the wall like a beautiful New York skyline weren’t enough with the Radox Manhattan, you have the choice of two different finishes to compliment your interior. These include a shiny chrome, a deep black pearl colour and a vivid lime. These finishes are all available with our art deco inspired radiator design and are as heat efficient as they are stylish with the flexible option of three different heat outputs.

DQ Felucca Towel Radiator

The DQ Felucca towel rail is a unique modern radiator take on the towel rail, brining a slatted horizontal panel design which is perfect for low installations, either under windows or hung on walls. These streamline wall hugging radiators have gaps in the body, creating space for towel warming in style. With a wide range of colours to choose from our RAL range of paints, these already bold radiators are elevated ever further by the option of over 40 colour options.

Reina Bonera Vertical Designer Radiator

This textured vertical column radiator comes in a bold option of black, white or anthracite matt colours, creating a striking yet crisp look in your home. The Reina Bonera radiator’s unique look and range of finishes makes it perfect for both the intention of catching the eye and keeping it subtle. If you are on the look out for that perfect radiator to complement your rooms interior, then this range of mild steel beauties is the right choice for you, whether investing radiators for smaller spaces or for larger ones.

The Milan 4 Column Radiator

The Milan 4 Column is a striking modern take on the cast iron column radiator, bringing softer edges, bolder colours and far more efficiency. These radiators are looped with four rows of columns, improving the heat output whilst also ensuring that there is a wide range of style options for your radiator. Whatever your needs, the Milan 4 Column comes with the option of anthracite and gun metal finishes, whilst also coming in a wide variety of RAL colours. All in all, these Italian made radiators are flexible, bold in design and highly powerful in heat output.


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