Great Rads' Top Vertical Radiator Picks

Radiators Come in a Plethora of Shapes and Sizes

With every home being unique, it’s up to the homeowner to find the model to suit them, and ensure that their heating units are as efficient as possible. With our wide variety of designer radiators, including vertical radiators, the world is truly your oyster. We have all manner of styles available in any number of colour schemes, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect radiator for your home, whether it’s modern in its aesthetic or traditional.

One type of radiator that’s particularly popular amongst homeowners is the vertical radiator. With multiple functions, space economy and a variety of materials to choose from, our vertical radiators have become the most popular models for all manners of homes. With a vast selection available at great value prices, we thought we’d give you a rundown of our most popular models.

The Fulham

The Fulham is a vertical radiator coming in a choice of black, anthracite or white, ensuring that you’re able to find the right colour scheme to suit your home. With its slick rectangular columns, you have a subtle yet stylish radiator ensuring a strong BTU output. Furthermore, the Fulham is quick to heat and low in energy costs, in part because of its aluminium build.

The Kensington Single Vertical

This sleek radiator is a true space saver due to its flat columns adding subtlety and symmetry. With a range of colours to choose from and a fenced, yet spacious look, this high BTU radiator is as slim as they get with none of the concessions to heat loss. Made from mild steel, the Kensington is a strong and sturdy option for any home.

Reina Neva Vertical

Vertical Designer Radiator

The Reina Neva Vertical is a vertical heating unit with a dazzling chrome sheen. For the ultimate in classiness for your classically furnished home, the Neva offers elegant heating and decisive designs which are as subtle as they are space-saving. With curved edges to the cylindrical columns, the Reina Neva is suited to any room in the home.

DQ Vulcano Vertical

With the option of double or vertical panels, the DQ Vulcano Vertical is in the category of thin vertical column radiators and comes in a broad spectrum of colours. From dark grey to RAL, the DQ Vulcano is a versatile asset to any home and is made with only the best in mild steel.

DQ Drifter

Vertical Designer Radiators

Slim and stylish in its textured design, the DQ Drifter promises some of the best in RAL options. Offering bold pastels and subtle greys, this striking mild steel radiator promises to be the perfect fit for any personality.

Eskimo Rusty Vertical Outline

Vertical Designer Radiators

The Eskimo Rusty Vertical Outline radiator is diverse in its heat applications, being available in both central heating and electric options. Furthermore, the autumn-inspired colour palette brings a bold look that looks heavenly when placed in a room of both light and dark tones.

Reina Karia Vertical

Made of interconnected thin and thick columns, the Karia Vertical promises an intricate, textured pattern that adds a touch of modern elegance to any property it’s placed in. With great value prices and a stainless steel frame, the radiator is embellished even further with a soft satin finish.

Reina Ancora

Vertical Designer Radiators

The Reina Ancora is a unique towel radiator, made from a panel sliced with slats for holding your towels. This truly modern design is available in either anthracite or white and is made from luxurious steel coatings.

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