Guide to Choosing Your Chrome Radiators

Guide to Choosing Your Chrome Radiators

In the last few years, metallic designs have become increasingly popular in peoples’ homes. They provide durability without compromising your elegant look. What’s more, it seems that this year the trend will be continued. If you have used shades of silver for your home décor, we’d recommend installing a radiator that compliments this and enhances the overall look and feel of your décor.

If you’re looking at a glossy, designer style, a lavish finish and uniform distribution of warmth all across your room, a chrome radiator is the optimal solution. You may not be aware, but there is an enormous range of options available for chrome radiators, but before you dive into looking at our range, let’s talk a little further about what’s on offer. Of the many varieties available on the market, the following three types of chrome radiators are the most popular:

Vertical Chrome Radiators:

Vertical chrome radiators are lightweight, slim and glossy. They offer a chic, contemporary look which adds a certain elegance to most rooms. Here at Great Rads, we not only offer a broad selection of designs, but choice of the number of panels you prefer and the range of warmth suitable for your space.

This specific style of radiator has the unique combination of powerful functionality and magnificent style. The main reason for this is that it has perfect dimensions of tall and slim which allows it to be fitted almost anywhere in the house.

Horizontal Chrome Radiators:

The clue’s in the name, however, similar to the vertical radiators, however, horizontal radiators bear more in common with your usual, radiator style in that it’s fitted horizontally along a wall. Like their vertical cousins, these designs often have shiny flat panels and clean lines, providing an elegant look with simple designs. Apart from the style quotient, this radiator grants the maximum amount of heat output and is more often the preferred design as reported by users.

Designer Chrome Radiators:

These radiators have a trendy cut, giving them a truly unique and stylish look. They often have a combination of tubular columns with an elegant chrome finish. Such well-designed and luxurious models are difficult to obtain but look very modern and stylish in any home. They not only have a fabulous appearance, but also provide constant heat throughout the whole room. As well as their superior design and craftsmanship, designer radiators also have a practical approach and are more often preferred for small wall spaces.

When choosing your designer radiator, consider your priorities in terms of what is are most important features for you. For example, the actual heating element may be the core priority for some, whereas others would consider the appearance of their radiator to be the most important aspect when selecting one. Size, material, price, and brand, are all other aspects which should be considered when deciding which radiator to opt for.

Chrome Radiators 

It is also important to find the optimum location for your new radiator, both in terms of aesthetics and plumbing practicalities. It should be installed at a place from where warmth can be distributed all around the room. Placing them in the wrong position in the room could result in over-heating or over-consumption. This will have a direct impact on your energy bills, so determining the best place to install them is vital. If you’re looking for advice on placement, installation or design of radiators, speak to Great Rads today.

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