How Disruptive is Installing Central Heating?

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If you’re looking to install central heating in your home, it’s likely you have a lot of questions – after all, it’s no small job! You may be choosing to install central heating for the first time or replacing an existing system with a more efficient one. Either way, you need to make a well-informed purchase decision and choose a system, installation team and radiators that work best for you and your property.

One of the biggest concerns homeowners report is how disruptive installing central heating can be. We’ve got all of your questions covered here: how much does it cost to install central heating? Is it worth installing gas central heating, or is it better to go electric? How long does it take to install central heating?


The installation of central heating is disruptive, but planning for it and working around its limitations can help ease the journey. Try the following tips:

  • Remove all valuables and fragile items from rooms that will be worked on before heating engineers arrive
  • Ensure you have an accurate plan from the engineers for any works requiring floors being removed or ‘taken up’, so that you’re able to plan ahead should some rooms be ‘out of bounds’ for a day or so
  • Ask your team of heating engineers for measurements for the new boiler, so the location of it can be planned for
  • Ensure you have plenty of liquids and bottled water around, as water will be turned off for the duration of central heating installation.

Good communication with the team chosen to carry out the central heating installation is key to not just a healthy working relationship for an efficient and fruitful install, but also to help you best prepare and plan ahead for the days of disruption that it could cause to your home life.

How long does it take to install central heating?

Central heating is usually installed by a team of specialist heating engineers. Exactly how long it will take to install central heating depends on the team available, the size of the property, the type of heating system and the full scope of the job required.

Generally speaking, central heating installation takes between 2 days and a week, dependent on the scale of the job and the team assigned to it.

The variations of radiator don’t impact on how long it takes to install central heating, but there are lots of different types available – and different models can suit different rooms. These include horizontal and vertical radiators, trench and bench radiators, towel style radiators and column radiators. You can mix and match between the models chosen providing they’re compatible with the central heating system you’ve chosen for installation, to ensure that each works with the interior design you’ve chosen for your rooms.

How much does it cost to install central heating?

The cost to install central heating is dependent on several factors, including:

  • The size of the property and the amount of radiators and pipes that needs installing
  • The flooring of the property – concrete flooring may require drilling to remove
  • The type of central heating system to be installed
  • The company installing the central heating

Typically, a full central heating installation costs from £2,000 upward.

One of the most common enquiries on the installation of central heating is if it’s worth installing gas central heating over electric. Whilst gas central heating remains the most popular type in the UK, electric has numerous benefits; including a faster installation time, no ongoing maintenance rates (it doesn’t need reviewing annually like gas does), is 100% efficient, and lasts 50% longer than gas systems. Gas central heating installations are slightly more expensive than electric, due to the requirement for specific gas qualifications and accredited training to be held by the engineers. Which system to have installed is a personal choice - there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Installing central heating only needs to be as disruptive as you allow it to be, and there’s plenty of workarounds to make it easier. In the long run, the short-term disruption and time without heating will all be worth it.

With so many radiators available to purchase, it can be difficult to pick the right selection for your home and new central heating system. While we are experts in radiators, we also suggest seeking professional advice from a certified plumber or heating engineer to find the right solution for your property, budget and circumstances. If you need a hand with picking the right radiator style for your home, get in touch with our friendly heating geeks to experience our personal service.

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