How to Create A Spa-Inspired Bathroom

The mere mention of a spa day paints a pretty picture of relaxation and luxury. If these lavish spa days didn’t involve shelling out big bucks, we would treat ourselves to this luxury at every chance we got!

Why wait till you have more than a spare few pounds to treat yourself when you can create the same experience within the comfort of your home? You can soak the stress away in your very own four walls, rather than having to plan an unnecessary outing.

By incorporating just a few spa-like aspects into your bathroom, you can turn this space into a safe haven where you can rest and rejuvenate yourself whenever you need to.

Add a splash of spa-like features to your bathroom space and create an environment of utter calm and peace by following these simple elements:

Avoid Clutter

It goes without saying that bathrooms which look serene have a rather spotless and tidy look. No one can properly relax around mess, can they?

What adds to the charm is a soothing colour palette with features like airy windows and a focal bathtub that dominates the spotlight. A noticeable aspect in spas is the complete lack of any kind of clutter or mess as it adds to the overall vibe of calmness and serenity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the space has to be contemporary or minimalist. Opting for a classic or a country-style bathroom can emanate a spa-like feeling.

An assortment of well chosen radiator accessories, a white colour palette and natural wood pieces can be put together to radiate a rather blasé vibe.

Have the Right Environment

A spa-inspired bathroom should exude serenity wherever you look and should enable you to leave behind all the worries of the world. Take the bathroom design up a notch by installing aesthetic hardware and faucets.

Introducing small changes will go a long way in enhancing the appeal of your bathroom and nothing will do this better than installing modern radiator valves. Adding personal touches here and there speak volumes about your personality making your bathroom space one of its kind.

Install a Rainfall Shower Head

It’s the little things that end up making a huge difference and installing a rainfall shower head certainly tops that list. Make your shower experience special and unique by making a rainfall shower head a part of your bathroom space.

Smaller showers can also benefit from these by enhancing the experience in the blink on an eye. Rainfall shower heads are one of the most inexpensive investments you can make to give yourself a spa-like treatment.

Low Background Lighting Will Do the Trick

Good lighting is integral for personal tasks like shaving and other beauty regimes, but keep in mind that softer background lighting is essential in crafting a vibe that is quiet and peaceful. Low background lighting is the element that will keep the mood cool and spa-like.

Say Yes to a Soaking Bathtub

You are bound to experience luxury in all its glory when you’re soaking away in an extra deep bathtub! There is a plethora of tub designs that are ideal for making a spa-inspired bathroom rather magical!

Be it an antique claw-footed model, one with a Jacuzzi or a stand-alone tub, you can indulge in any of these lavish choices and transform bathroom space. Don’t forget to add towel radiators to the mix for the complete spa experience.

Make the Most of the View

If you’re lucky enough to be graced with a decent view from your bathroom, make it the star attraction. Nothing compares to gazing longingly at a magnificent skyline or watching waves crash onto the seashore.

The perfect view will give you the advantage of being able to lose yourself completely without a care in the world, which is what a spa experience should feel like after all!

Creating a spa-inspired bathroom will require for you to think a little out of the box, but if you follow these simple tips, you shouldn’t be having to do much thinking at all to achieve what you’re dreaming of.

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