How to Keep Your Apartment Cool When Your Radiator Runs Amok

A trend prevalent in many parts of the world is that entire blocks of flats have their heating systems controlled by the landlord or building committee, keeping a general regulated temperature throughout the interior. Whilst the heating period is usually between the autumn and winter, it’s not uncommon to find that individual flats are prone to unpredictable, often too powerful heating. This can be because of poor maintenance or old radiators having not been upgraded, but the victim is always the unwitting renter who can’t change the intensity of their room temperature.

Whilst any landlord or wholesale radiator buyer who opts for Great Rads will be rewarded with efficient and flexible heating systems, not all property owners are so savvy. This means there will be renters the world over who suffer sleepless (and sweaty) nights due to their heating being too high and having no control over it. We’ve compiled a list of options for the unfortunate heat victim to help them battle the nemesis of all hibernation periods - the rogue radiator.

How to Keep Your Apartment Cool

Open the Windows

This one is possibly the easiest solution on our list. If the heat in your apartment is getting too much and the thermostat isn’t working, then try cracking open a radiator. Whilst this may feel counter-intuitive during the colder months, it will certainly help to cool down your apartment, even if your rogue radiator is at full blast in the evening. This can be especially useful in countering overenthusiastic bathroom radiators which when paired with the heat produced by your shower, bath and washbasin, could lead to some serious lightheadedness during your morning ablutions.

Close Your Radiator Valve

Radiator valves are the secret weapon in the fight against out of control radiators. These valves are found on the bottom corner of the radiator and have a knob with which to control the entry of hot water - if they’re centrally heated that is. These can be turned off completely by twisting the knob as far right as it can go. Any less than completely off, and you merely lessen the water allowed in. Some people may find this preferable to, say, completely switching off their bathroom compact radiator, but can lead to loud noises as your radiator piping adapts to the new settings.

Invest in TRV’s

Thermostatic Radiator Valves are important accessories for interior heat regulation. If closing your radiator valve doesn't do the trick, then investing in or using the Thermostatic Radiator Valve on your radiator will help to keep your temperature down. By setting a maximum heat output to your TRV, you can make sure that your radiator never sets a hotter climate than you desire. This works through the TRV’s wax or liquid innards, which expand and contract depending on the temperature outside, thus shutting or opening when the room temperature rises or falls.

Wood Radiators Covers

Wood Covers

Radiator covers are not designed to lessen the potency of your radiator but can protect you from the overheated radiators hot surfaces. Radiator covers also play the role of extra shelving and storage, as well as providing a tailored aesthetic to your home. These can be bought or created by hand, and come in a variety of breathable materials.

Buy Radiator Pipe Covers

Exposed radiator piping is notoriously hot. Whether horizontal radiators or vertical radiators, this means that when the radiator heats up too much, the pipes providing the water can burn the skin with just a quick touch. For extra protection, and muffling of heat, invest in radiator pipe covers and ensure the safety of those living in your apartment. The radiator pipe cover like the radiator cover provides both protection and an aesthetic flourish, bringing extra character to your interior.

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