How to Pick A Designer Radiator For Your Luxury Hotel

All of the customers checking into your luxury hotel can expect to enjoy personal comfort that feels almost like home and a reasonable degree of opulence during their stay.

Every hotel suite has a specific comfort zone which visitors enjoy and that’s the reason they visit the same place again and again – well hopefully, anyway.

However, one element that offers comfort as well as luxury is the radiator installed in the suite. Every visitor may not intend to use it, but they surely will check into a room which has one, especially if they are holidaying during the winter.

And trust us – there is nothing worse for a hotel guest than walking into a room that immediately puts the hair up on their arms. Guests want to feel comfortable and at ease when they are staying in hotels, which means ensuring optimum temperatures is a must – all whilst incorporating these heating solutions into the interior design of the room.

So, here we have discussed some attributes which will help you to pick the right designer radiator model for your hotel.

The Design

You may find unique and attractive designs for radiators whilst searching, but designer radiators have their own elegant charm. It can be incredibly tempting to opt for a radiator model based on its aesthetics, but you need to have a clear idea about which model works best for the rooms in your hotel.

Practicality should be at the top of your list, and once you’ve identified what type of designer radiator you need, you can then start obsessing over which design.

A particular model may be just perfect for a luxury suite in your hotel, but its colour might not blend well with the interior of the space it’s placed in. In such a situation, you can opt for mirrored radiators which are suitable for almost all spots.

On the other hand, there are models that match with contemporary, traditional and modern interiors. Therefore, ensure that you carry out thorough research about the different models available before you choose one for your hotel.

Where you buy your radiators from is also incredibly important. So, make sure that you choose a reputable firm that can deliver exactly what they promise.


Every room in your hotel may well be designed differently and often, in hotels, there are suites that are designed for specific individuals. For instance, some hotels offer penthouse suites to their special guests who are willing to pay above the odds because they like the best things in life.

There are some guests who prefer two-bed suites, while others might require just a small one bed suite. Similarly, you need to consider the space and install a radiator model accordingly. For example, a two-bed suite needs an aluminium radiator with rapid heating attributes so that your guests can enjoy the much needed warmth instantly.

Hotels experience heavy foot traffic and in order to maintain a steady temperature through the space, specific systems are installed that offer warmth right at the entrance, such as trench radiators.

Use a BTU calculator

There is a strong possibility that by looking at the many models out there, you could get confused about which one to choose. One easy way to determine which is the most suitable radiator is to use a BTU calculator to acquire the right BTU need for the room.  

This will give you a lead on a specific range of temperature suitable for that room, which you can use when deciding which radiator to purchase – then all you need to do is pick the one you like the look of most.

This way, you can ensure that you are opting for the correct radiator for each room within your hotel.

If you are still a little concerned about getting it right before making an order, get in contact with our friendly team today.

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