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Looking to restyle your home? Then take these style tips from our radiator collection.

Redecorating your home can take time, effort and a lot of planning. We all want our homes to reflect our tastes and personality, and finding the right curtains, flooring, furniture and of course, radiators to suit these is very difficult indeed. There are plenty of options from furniture retailers and designer radiator shops, but how do you find that perfect purchase from the sea of choices?


One of the best options on the radiator market for subtle yet striking interior design is the vertical radiator. There are a whole host of reasons for this, and each model sold by us at Great Rads gives you something distinctive for your home. Below you can find some of the main benefits of a vertical radiator, and which models speak volumes about your interior design taste.


Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators are some of the most popular modern radiators on the market today. With a flexible range of heat outputs, these radiators suit a whole host of rooms. Whether you opt for a dual fuel or an electric vertical radiator, here are some of the key reasons which make them so popular.


Space Saving

Vertical radiators utilise height instead of width. This is perfect for those areas of the home which lack in space, such as the bathroom and kitchen, where the room is filled with necessary utilities and accessories. This means that the vertical radiator is perfect for smaller homes as well, and can double up as a towel radiator or a larger vertical mirror.



Just because the radiator stands tall doesn’t mean that it doesn't distribute heat as well as its horizontal sibling. The vertical radiator often comes in a vertical column design, which radiates and distributes heat at a very efficient pace and spreads it throughout the home. Due to its height, the vertical radiator is perfect for a hallway, the higher reaches of the radiator transferring heat as far as the upstairs landing on the floor above.


Creative in Design

Being vertical, this radiator invites creativity and ingenuity of design. This is why many vertical radiators look very different from one another. With columns, vertical panel designs and intricate finishes, the vertical radiator is the perfect way to meld functionality with artistry.


Minimal but Striking

As mentioned above, there are plenty of designs for your vertical radiator. Many of these utilise modern minimalism, which though simple and subtle, is still striking and can make quite the statement in the space you install it in, This is why vertical radiators are often used as the focal point for a room.


Reina Belva Vertical Aluminium Radiator

Made from five softly curved vertical columns, this aluminium beauty is quick to heat up and high in BTU output. With its beautiful white and anthracite finish options, the Reina Belva is the perfect interior design choice for a soft but striking vertical radiator, avoiding being too imposing with its curved edges.


DQ Vela Vertical Radiator

The DQ Velva is one for those who want to make a statement with their radiator. This wall mounted panel beauty comes with the choice of white or anthracite, and has the optional addition of a polished towel bar, making it the perfect radiator for your modern industrial styled bathroom or kitchen.


Carisa Monza Vertical Aluminium Radiator

The Carisa Monza is a textured vertical beauty and is an absorbing wonder for every room. Perfect for living rooms and hallways, this industrial, thin columned vertical model really catches the eye with its flat vertical panels. The grooves really give the illusion of space and act as a refreshing addition to the modern home.


Radiator Company Ovali Vertical Radiator

Made from ovoidal columns, this soft-edged Ovali radiator has accentuated curves and grooves, giving it a great BTU output, yet not drawing too much attention to itself. Swapping the stern for the friendly aesthetic, this radiator is definitely one suited to any room in the family home.

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