Introducing The London Collection

We are super excited to be able to introduce our latest brand, The London Collection. 

This collection has been curated to represent one of the greatest cities on earth, creating the excitement, and vibrancy of a diverse, multi-cultural epicentre of modern life.
The products of The London Collection have been hand-chosen to reflect the theme of a modern look combined with pure excitement, and represent the very highest quality - which is reflected in the very long product guarantees on offer.

Lets take a look at the range:

Starting with The Mayfair.:

This is a super versatile radiator design, that is available in a Vertical Radiator, or a Horizontal Radiator. There is also the option for a single panel or double panel which means that it should match up with almost any heat output requirement.

Due to the variety of configurations in the same design, this is one that you can put throughout your home, either all at once, or 1 at a time adding on as you go.
Colour options are, White, Anthracite, or stunning Black Gloss.

The Mayfair Vertical - Single Panel

The Mayfair Single Vertical

The Mayfair Vertical - Double Panel

The Mayfair Wide - Single Panel


The Mayfair Horizontal - Single Panel (stunning horizontal bars!)

The Mayfair Horizontal - Double Panel


The Mayfair is also available in sublime Stainless Steel in the Vertical orientation. With a Brushed, or a Polished finish. As it is Stainless Steel the guarantee is a great 20 years!

Mayfair Stainless Steel Vertical

The Mayfair designs, all share the Oval shaped bars, which are beautifully subtle and makes an easy step up from those old boring white radiators that are available!!

Mayfair bars



Next Up is The Kensington Flat Panel Radiator

This is a slimline flat panel radiator, this really is a great choice for almost any room design. Available in Vertical, in either a Single or Double Panel. 

Colour options are White, Anthracite or Black Gloss.

The Kensington Flat - Single Panel


The Kensington Flat - Double Panel

The Kensington - Profile View


Next up is The Kensington's little sister, The Hampstead. Sharing the same stunning flat profile, this radiator is available in Horizontal.

The Hampstead Flat - Single Panel

 The Hampstead Flat - Double Panel


And lastly in the collection are 2 Towel Radiators, of the highest quality, and cutting edge design.

The Fulham - Stainless Steel Towel - a luxurious looking, open ended design, with a huge 20 year guarantee.

The Richmond - Stainless Steel Towel - a very modern, square bar design, with a 20 year guarantee.

Please contact us if you have any questions on this amazing new collection.

01803 450330

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