Introduction to Apollo Radiators

We at Great Rads are extremely happy to announce our newest supply partner Apollo Radiators. 

Apollo have some amazing products to offer. Most of them being able to come in the Apollo standard colour chart which makes it easy to have a vibrant radiator that really shows off your home's style.

Here at Great Rads we always look for the best supply partners around. Making sure that our customers get the best quality and the best customer service is our #1 priority and by introducing Apollo, we believe that they are one of the best supply partners we could get and their products are amongst the best on the market.

In this blog, I will be showing you some of the best radiators Apollo have to offer.

The Apollo Ferrara Glass - Perfect for any bespoke living areas.

This amazing glass radiator would be perfect for anyone looking to have a unique look in their home. It can come in a choice of two colours (Red and Black). The Ferrara is a great radiator for modern homes or vibrant settings looking to stand out from the norm. You can also mount this radiator on its side so that it would then be presented as a horizontal radiator which makes it perfect for hallways or large walls that need that little extra to make them pleasant and stand out.

The next product we have to show you is a Great Rads office favourite. 

Apollo Capri - A favourite for a reason

The Apollo Capri is a favourite of ours due to its vast colour options, it can come in any of the Apollo RAL colour chart options.

Amazing BTUs, being able to kick out just over 7000BTUs which is able to heat a sizeable dining room or living area is fantastic.

But also the fact that it would be able to suit a number of different room styles. It could make traditional rooms look modern due to its elegant flat panels.

It is also available in an even more modern looking mirror design, which creates this wonderful 2 in 1 piece. Having a mirror down the middle of the radiator creates a lovely sight that really makes you want to celebrate how good your radiator looks. Making you want to show off your radiator is something that we believe Apollo can do, especially with this certain product.

Apollo Capri - A favourite for a reason

Apollo Rimini - 16mm tubes of Greatness

The 3rd Product on this blog is the Apollo Rimini, an exquisite 16mm tube on tube designer radiator that really adds a modern and sleek design, to compliment this it is able to come in any of the Apollo RAL Colours off of the colour chart. An added bonus that this radiator has is that it is able to be mounted horizontally at no extra cost! This radiator also has some amazing BTUs which allows this radiator to heat a large living space.


The Apollo Milano - Simple yet effective

The Milano is a simple radiator because of its design, the white flat front panel creates this simple look that can really be deceiving because this radiator can kick out the same amount of heat as some of our more distinctive radiators. What this radiator does best is show that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get amazing BTUs. coming in at just under 10000BTUs there aren't many sizes of a room that this radiator wouldn't be able to heat. 

 The Apollo Bassano - Modern and Sleek

The Bassano is a perfect radiator for any person looking for a modern sleek design but also it is good for anyone trying to add a bit of colour to their life because this radiator can come in Apollo's choice of RAL colours which has some amazing colours. What this radiator also has going for it is its substantial heating outputs. Just under 10000BTUs makes it eligible to heat large offices and because of its elegant professional look, it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.

 The Apollo Napoli - A Busy Towel Radiator 

The Napoli Towel Radiator is a perfect example of another quality product from Apollo. The Napoli can come in a choice of two different colours, Chrome and White, both of these colours suit any traditional colour scheme for a bathroom. Because of its larger sizes, the amount of bars increase which makes it perfect for busy bathrooms due to it being able to hang a number of different towels.

The Apollo Palermo - Perfect flat panels

The Apollo Palermo Flat is a perfect flat panel towel radiator. This radiator would fit right in with the latest in bathroom design. The flat panel design is a very sought after appearance in the radiator world and this radiator is a perfect example of why that is. The Palermo is a great radiator for anyone looking to add to their bathroom, adding a nice radiator can make all the difference in a room and here at Great Rads, we feel like every-single-one of radiators adds its own something to a room.



So that is some of the best amongst a monster range of different products all of them coming to our website in 2018. All of these radiators and all of the radiators that are on our website, we feel like they add something to the room that they are fitted in. The options of colours make it easy to add it to a room that has a vibrant setting and the more basic colours add a professional modern look on top of all of this all of them kick out enough heat to keep you warm throughout the winter months.

For the full Apollo Range please click here

If you would like to speak to someone about the range please call our sales team on 01803 450330, or Email Us here.

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