An Introduction to Designer Radiators

In the UK, we’re all familiar with our warm summers and cold winters. A radiator may not be the first thing on your mind from April to September, but winter is always just around the corner and with time flying by faster than ever (or so it feels), it’s best to be prepared! However, outside of the practical applications for a radiator, here at Great Rads, we believe that radiators can be stylish. It’s not uncommon for us to hear the phrase “who knew there were so many options for radiators”.

In winter, you’ll find it nearly impossible to keep warm without a radiator – something you may take for granted. Be it at home or work radiators are a common, yet overlooked sight across the nation. We aim to change that and bring radiators from a hidden necessity to a thing of beauty, style and design.

Following basic economic principles we know that increased demand generates increased supply, but it’s only in recent years that the demand for designer radiators has grown, and the market is growing rapidly.  

We have no shortage of general, standard radiators, however, what makes Great Rads unique is our huge selection of designer radiators, created to stand out and add to your room’s ambience, whether you're looking for bedroom radiators, living room radiators, kitchen radiators or radiators for bathrooms. We believe installing a standard radiator in your well furnished and stylised house would degrade its unique charm and vibe. Instead, why not take a look at our designer radiator collection and install a radiator that is designed beautifully to make your décor look picture perfect!

With the increasing demand of designer radiators, one cannot overlook the presence around the country. This increase in demand has resulted in a number of competitors.

What Makes Us Different?

We have the skills to make sure you have the products that meet your needs, a high level of customer care and the expertise to ensure your new radiators are installed correctly and to a high standard. Needless to say, Great Rads is your one stop shop for all your radiators and heating requirements.

As a potential buyer, it's incredibly important for you to understand the technical differences between a standard and designer radiator to ensure you purchase the best option for you.

If it’s not obvious just by looking, it may be difficult to justify purchasing a designer radiator, so here’s a breakdown of the top reasons we believe you need to consider a designer option

Exclusive Design

Everyone aspires to have a luxury car, the best clothes and nicest watch and likewise, our clients like to have exceptional designer radiators. It’s human nature to aspire to have the best of everything, and that should is no more evident in our home designs.

As well as different designs, we offer a range of colours for our products. As premium radiator suppliers, we offer shades from lime green and silver to brushed globes, dark grey and platinum. We also offer a spectacular price range for an array of models that should fit anyone’s budget.

Surprising Elements

If you had to pick between a television from the 90’s or the latest 4k HD TV, our bet is you'd choose the latest model. This is because you want the best. So why do you settle for your plain, white, outdated household radiators when there are elegant and stylish models available. Our online store displays the latest models and designs available, ensuring you’re at the forefront of interior design.

Just like with all things, there is a great deal of personal taste with some people preferring stainless steel radiators whilst others opt for aluminium radiators. Whichever materials you prefer, we’re on hand to ensure your new radiator meets your needs. Just like a designer clothes store of high end car showroom, our online store has artistic presentation to showcase our designer radiator collection.

Regular Designer Radiator Sales

Whilst there’s an obvious premium on designer radiators compared to standard models, we’re keen to promote our agenda of bringing stylish radiators to the masses, which is why we hold regular sales to ensure you receive the quality you deserve at the best price for you.

Frame radiators, mirrored radiators, chrome radiators, architectural radiators, column radiators and stainless steel radiators are just some of the radiators that we offer.


Whether you’re a proactive eco-warrior or conscientious objector, we can all agree that protecting the environment where possible is a good thing. Whilst the energy output and usage of your radiator will depend on the materials used and specification, all our designs are created to be not only friendly to the environment but also towards your energy bill. Perhaps not the first thing on your mind when purchasing a radiator, but you’ll be thankful for the energy savings in the long run!

Why Choose Us?

We at Great Rads are a fast-growing radiator distributor, based in the UK. We offer the best products along with the sort of specialised and personal customer service we’d like to receive ourselves.

We offer some of the finest radiators available and are proud of our suppliers. With years of hands on experience in the industry, business and design, we have secured a dazzling range of handpicked radiators, which are delivered to your door step with a diverse price range to suit everyone.

Get in touch with us today for enquiries regarding our range of radiators. To see what we can do for you, call us today on 01257 758 247 or drop in an email on

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