Introduction to Eskimo Design

Every house naturally loses heat through the fabric of its walls, its windows and roof. Also, in the UK, with our wonderfully changeable climate it is important for you to be able have a space you heat up when required.

How Can You Replace the Lost Heat Whilst Maintaining a Comfortable Temperature?

You can do this by simply installing a radiator, no explanation need, but it’ll help you keep your house warm easily and efficiently.

For those cold winter nights or sudden cold snaps, there are few things as comforting as being able to nestle in with the heating on and a blanket. This is where Eskimo radiators come into play. 

About Eskimo Design

Eskimo Design is one of the pioneers of the designer radiator market. In these designs, natural products such as stone, slate and wood are used to craft arguably the finest radiators in the market today.

Phil Ward; the Eskimo Design M.D. is a genius and uses his technical expertise and design flair to produce arguably the finest radiators on the market today. See a video of him in action.

View Our Eskimo Range

There’s a wide range of Eskimo designs available and we’re sure you’ll be blown away by their elegance, beautiful form, clean lines and of course, stunning finishes!

The Eskimo Design radiators include the following range:

Owning a radiator from this brand will not only give you deliciously toasty feet on the coldest days of winter, but also have a well-designed genius interior piece in your house to serve as a central talking point in the summer.

All these designs are so versatile that they are perfect for use as kitchen radiators, hallway radiators, living room radiators, bedroom radiators or even your office. By installing an exceptionally designed radiator, we believe it transforms into the focal point of your room.

These radiators come in various forms and finishes, which are inspired by simple yet gratifying experiences. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Natural stone finishes inspired by the dramatic coasts of the UK.
  • Painted copper, brass finishes and aged steel inspired by the industrial roots of the UK.
  • Reflective metal finishes inspired by snowy lakes and seasonal countryside.
  • Distressed power finishes inspired by our boat yards.

All these forms mean there’s a design for everyone, adding genuine design and elegance to your home, as well as giving it a dazzling look.

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