Magnificent Mirrored Radiators to Modernise Your Home

Mirrored radiators are all the rage right now. Here are some of the best on the market this year.

Finding the perfect radiator for the modern home can take some real time and effort. Whether you live in a house or a flat, finding the right balance between aesthetic allure, heat and space efficiency is no mean feat. With the wide range of radiators out there, Great Rads has compiled an easy to sue online marketplace so that you can sift through the many brands and types out there with pin point focus on what your home really needs.

One of our most popular models is the mirrored radiator, a type of design which melds the vertical and towel radiators with the beautiful allure of a mirror finish. This provides a multi-functional design which both saves space and gives the impression of more, reflective surfaces allowing plenty of light to flood a room. This makes the mirrored radiator the perfect addition to a bathroom.

Eskimo Cliff Outline Radiator

The Eskimo Cliff is a wall hung radiator comes in a wide range of finishes, bringing earthy textures to a striking vertical radiator. If you are looking for a mirror finish for this vertical panel radiator, then opt for the Steady Flintoff finish, bringing a metallic and reflective sheen to the model. With its high BTU output and sleek design, this radiator is perfect for the smaller rustic home and the modern, spacious room alike.

Radox Manhattan Designer Radiator

This unique vertical column radiator is primed for accessorising in your bathroom. With its dazzling mild steel columns jutting out into an abstracted cityscape design, the Radox Manhattan is a beautiful and stylish modern radiator which will act as the focal point for whatever space you place it in. With its choices of dual fuel, electric and central heating outputs, this model is well suited to any room that needs an extra burst of heat. With extra towel rails available to add that extra level of functionality, the Manhattan from Radox is another great modern option for your home.

DQ Cove

The DQ Cove is a mirror radiator with real edge. With its cylindrical columns book-ending the central vertical mirror design, the Cove is the perfect radiator to make a real statement. With a choice of white black and anthracite finishes, the DQ Cove is a radiator made from mild steel but still retains strong heat outputs. Whether you’re looking for that perfect bedroom radiator or you’re planning on installing it in your bathroom, the DQ Cove is a flexible heating unit with a range of functions.

Eskimo Super

Built from aluminium, the Eskimo Super can have a hinge and bracket installed to give it the impression of floating off the wall. As a fully mirror finished radiator, this sleek vertical panel model invites light and roominess into your home, ensuring highly efficient heat outputs and a stunning, crisp façade. With multiple power outputs to choose from, this is a flexible radiator which is subtle in its crisp look.

Carisa Sophia

Another column book-ended vertical radiator, the Carisa Sophia brings rectangular columns made from anthracite or white aluminium to the sides of a sleek narrow mirror finish. With texture and style coagulating into a striking mix of elegance and modernity, the Carisa Sophia will look the part in any home.

Radox Quartz Designer Towel Radiator

Made from a glass front, the elegant Radox Quartz towel rail brings the best of the towel rail models and combines it with a sleek mirror finish. Subtle and striking all at once, this high BTU radiator is a designer radiator suited perfectly for the modern home.

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