Make Your Hallway Appear Bigger and Better with These Simple Tips!

Our hallways are perhaps one of the most underestimated aspects of our homes. We don’t give our hallways enough attention, but with a bit of TLC and some thought, it will go a long way in increasing the value of your home.

A hallway that’s well designed and assembled can greatly add to the appeal of your entire home. On the other hand, a hallway that’s disorganised, dark and messy will be a huge property turn off and can outweigh the other aesthetics in your humble abode.

So, keeping this in mind, we’ve put together some tips and tricks that will elevate the appearance of your hallway by making it appear brighter and far more attractive to prospective buyers and guests.

Better yet, these tips are super easy to implement and won’t leave a dent in your pocket either!

Choosing a Neutral Palette

If you wish to give off the impression that your hallway is bigger and wider, choosing light, neutral tones will certainly help emphasise what you’re working with So opt for a lighter palette to create the feeling of a more specious area.

Mirror Additions

Mirrors are a great option if you wish to enhance the overall furnishing of a room and they work even better in compact spaces. You can add several mirrors in varying shapes and sizes to create a rather impressive effect.

Go For A Uniform Trim

A rather simple way to make your hallway better and brighter is to select matching trims for both the floor and the walls. Doing this will give the space more width while also giving it a warmer and cosier vibe.

Light It Up

Lights are the be all and end all of any interior vision. Not only do they light up a room, they do it in style and add character to the space in question, not to mention they give your home a personality.

Lights on the ceiling and on the floor can lighten and brighten up a dark and small hallway by making it more chic in appearance.

Warm Things Up

The first thing that anyone wants to be greeted with when they enter a home is warmth. Ok, aside from a few very awfully hot days each year, the UK is known for its cold weather conditions, meaning we all crave walking into a warm, toasty home. Installing a radiator at the entrance of your home is one way to achieve this, or you can go all out and install underfloor heating in this space instead. 

Adding Windows

If it is possible for you to install windows in your hallway, then you should do so. Adding windows in hallways opens the space up and makes a small hallway look brighter and much bigger.

Use Rugs

If your hallway has a dark floor and you can’t really do anything about it, the best thing is to introduce a runner or a carpet with neutral shades that give the space a more welcoming feel.

Create Focal Points That Attract Attention

If you wish to enhance the decor and style of your hallway, a great option would be to add artwork, photos and other decorative elements onto the wall. This will make any guest or visitor take a step back and admire the wall additions.

They’ll be so focused on the wall decor that they won’t give the small dimension of your hallway a second thought.

Use Stripes

If you want to experiment with optical illusions, a great way to do this is to select wallpaper that has horizontal stripes on it. This will make your hallway appear a lot more spacious and longer.

Keep It Assembled and Organised

Clutter can make any space look rather small and compact and the hallway is no exception. So ensure that the hallway stretch is kept clean and clear off any clutter.

Don’t Crowd The Space With Furniture

If your hallway is short on space and is very compact, it very crucial that you add pieces of furniture that are necessary in the space. Choosing low tables and little shelves is a fantastic option too.

So, armed with these simple tips and tricks, you can give your hallways a makeover and make them look stylishly large.  

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