Modern vs Traditional Radiators

Modern vs Traditional Radiators

Buying and installing radiators can be an overwhelming notion thanks to the vast array of options on the market. While some of our choices are limited by space, location and which valves are needed to link a radiator to a wider central heating system, it is still possible to be intimidated by which radiator to choose. For many of us, we will struggle with choosing between a traditional style radiator and more modern radiator styles.

To help, here is our guide to traditional radiators and modern radiators. By knowing the advantages of each, you should be better placed to pick the right option for you.

Advantages of modern radiators

There are many advantages to installing a modern radiator. Make sure they align with your needs and requirements for your room and wider home.

The look

Perhaps the most obvious feature about modern radiators is that their aesthetics may be far more in keeping with your decor than a traditional style radiator. In fact, modern radiator styles can sometimes be a feature for a room all in themselves given that some are designed to look like a piece of modern art. So if you are looking to keep your room contemporary, modern radiator styles are available so that you can do just that.


Modern radiators will often have been designed with energy efficiency in mind as well as looking contemporary overall. The result is that you can heat your home far more effectively. You will not have to have your radiators on as high or for as long, thus reducing your overall heating bill - without having to compromise on how warm your home is. Some may be put off modern radiators as they can be a little more expensive, but when heating bills are taken into consideration, they can end up saving you money.


Over time, radiator designers have been able to update and amend radiator designs so that there are far more options available in terms of size as well as look. Now, tall, thin radiators are available in abundance as well as very small narrow ones. The result is that you can make use of difficult areas in your home with a wall space that would otherwise be left bare. When wall space is so often at a premium in a home, it means you have more options with modern radiators about where you can install a radiator to help keep your home cosy.

Advantages of traditional radiators

Of course, there are several advantages to traditional radiators which cannot be overlooked when deciding upon which radiator style is better suited for you.


Traditional radiators tend to be cheaper. While other factors will be at play which will have a bearing on how expensive the overall unit will eventually be, the market for traditional radiators is well supplied - resulting in lower costs the majority of the time. However, if it has been designed with optimal energy efficiency in mind, you may well find it is just as expensive as a modern one, or perhaps if it is made from aluminium as opposed to steel, it could be more costly than other traditional radiators too.


Of course, while some people are all for moving to a minimalist contemporary look in their homes, other people are not and like the look of older style radiators. If you have a more traditional interior, a traditional style radiator is most likely going to be more fitting for your home.


It may not always be the case, but, as traditional radiators have been around for that much longer than modern radiators, you may well find you have more options in terms of what valves will be available to you. Valves are an important consideration when thinking about new radiators as they are how your radiator will link up to your home's pipework. There will be some occasions that a radiator may not be compatible with a space as there is no valve available that will connect to your central heating’s existing pipes. Traditional radiators will be more likely to have the valve required to fit into more spaces - though this is not a given either.

Choosing a radiator can be a complicated task. Not only do you have to take into account the best place to install a radiator into a room, you also need to consider if it can be physically fitted there. When it comes to deciding whether it can or not, you may find that a traditional style radiator may fit or more modern radiator styles are actually better suited. Weigh up the benefits of both before making your final decision while taking a look at our extensive range of both traditional and modern radiator styles.

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