Must have radiator accessories

Radiator accessories

If you are planning to upgrade your current radiators to something that better fits the style of your home, don't forget to give some thought to what radiator accessories you might need. Radiator accessories combine function and beauty and are perfect for putting the finishing touches on your home's heating system. Radiator accessories include everything from radiator pipe sleeves, radiator valves to radiator feet. Available in various colours and finishes, they are the perfect way to boost the performance of your new radiator while helping you achieve the look you want in your home. 

Radiator essentials

Here are some of the must-have radiator accessories to perfectly finish off your new radiators:

Radiator valves

Radiator valves control the heat that comes from your radiators and are one of the most important accessories you'll need for your new designer radiators. But when you are going to the effort of installing a brand-new designer radiator in your home, you don't want to comprise the look with old and shabby-looking valves that could be rusty. Instead, a set of a shiny new valves will certainly complete the look. Whatever style of radiator you opt for, you'll find valves to complement you room, including a choice of thermostatic or manual valves. With manual valves, you control your radiator's temperature by hand, while thermostatic valves have temperature sensors that automatically regulate its temperature. 

Radiator feet

Radiator feet are ideal if you want to stand your radiator on the floor rather than fixed to the wall. Radiator feet are used for radiators that are particularly large or heavy or where there's concern about the strength of the wall. They are ideal for supporting heavy radiators on partition walls or plasterboard and internal stud walls. They ensure that a radiator is fitted safely and securely. But along with their functionality, radiator feet also add a touch of traditional style to your home. They come in various colours and finishes, from pure white to stylish metallics, to match perfectly with your radiator. 

Wall stays

These are designed to fit various radiators, from steel column radiators to floor-mounted cast iron radiators, and tie to the wall for additional security. But while they may be very practical and functional, wall stays come in various luxury and decorative finishes to give your radiators an attractive finishing touch.

Towel holders

A towel radiator is ideal if you want to make the most out of your home radiators. This type of radiator accessory is compatible with most styles of radiators and provides extra drying space, keeps towels warm and fluffy, heats rooms and looks great too. If you want a more temporary solution, then magnetic towel hooks are another great option, allowing you to instantly attach it to your existing radiator when needed.

Radiator pipe sleeves

Pipe covers are designed to hide your pipework and give your radiators a modern, seamless and refined appearance. Radiator pipe sleeves work by slipping over your copper pipework to create an attractive and uniform finish to your radiators. Several finishes are available, including a chrome radiator pipe sleeve that offers a sleek high shine, or a pewter radiator pipe sleeve that looks great with black or grey radiators.

Additional extras

There are also a few additional radiator accessories you may want to think about buying to add an extra finishing touch to your radiators. These include:

Thermostatic valve

A thermostatic valve is a type of radiator valve but with built-in temperature sensors that can automatically regulate a radiator's temperature, depending on the temperature in the room, helping you save money and energy.

Radiator tail extensions

Radiator tail extensions or radiator valve extensions come in various sizes and colours to match existing pipework. They are used to make small adjustments when a radiator doesn't fit between the existing pipework.

Air vents and radiator blanking plugs

Air vents are one of the most useful radiator accessories, enabling you to bleed your radiator to release the trapped air. Air vents come in two main styles, a hexagonal style and a flush-fitting flat vent. Radiator blanking plugs shut off the opposite side of the air vent and generally come in two styles like the air vent.

Radiator timers

A timer is a great way to update an electric radiator, towel rail or panel heater. Even if you forget to switch off a radiator, the pre-set timer will automatically turn your radiator on or off.

Decorators’ caps

Decorator caps are designed to fit your radiator valves so you can temporarily close off your valve if you need to move your radiator. For instance, when you want to decorate behind the radiator.

Radiator accessories are the perfect way to personalise your new radiator. Modern radiator accessories combine style and function, allowing you to transform a standard, multi-functional household appliance into something sleek and modern, or sophisticated and traditional, depending on the style of your home.

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