Need More Space in Your Home? Here's How to Get It!

Compact homes might seem cute initially, but once the novelty wears off, a studio area can sometimes prove to be just too small, especially if you have a growing family.

For almost all of us, living in small accommodation is nothing less than a sacrifice, which is being done mostly because of earnings and possibly to avoid a lengthier commute to work.

Of course, carving out a small area is easier said than done, especially when you’ve got less to go around! But, regardless of how tiny your house is, there are ample of ways to make the best out of the space that’s up for grabs!

Always look at the bigger picture and get cracking on newer ways of compact living. At Great Rads, we understand what it’s like to stay in a compressed house, which is why we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you solve all of your small space worries!

Give That Layout A Second-Thought!

Before you start making alterations in your house, think of how you’ll make the best use out of the available space. Make a list of the all the good things you can do – and how to avoid making the situation worse.

Rather than working on a specific room, why not think of all the things you tend to do regularly in your house, then base your changes around that? For example, if you absolutely hate cooking and barely spend any time in your kitchen, there’s certainly no point decking it out to be super fancy. This way you come up with solutions that meet your needs and requirements!

Create A Fresh Space

An exceptional substitute to shifting houses is to expand, whether that’s by covering more ground or building upwards. If you manage to get the planning permission that is required, you may find that an extension is far cheaper than moving to a bigger house.

When it comes to extending your house, loft conversions have always been an owner’s go-to option. Nonetheless, you could also opt for a basement conversion instead. But when doing this, you need to consider everything from how you’re going to heat this extra area, to what light fixtures are the most feasible. If you are thinking of a loft conversion, you will need to come up with heating solutions, such as radiators and underfloor heating.

Get Everything Well-Organised

When you’ve got limited space in the house, opting for built-in storage solutions is always considered to be the best option! To achieve just that, all you need to do is create a map of every room and note down areas that aren’t being used. You may well find that you have storage space that you aren’t even utilising.

Get your creative juices flowing when deciding whether you’ve made the best use of the available area – more often than not, we opt for freestanding furniture to dump our belongings and end up using far too much space than we need to.

So, it’s always better to decide whether you need cupboards or whether shelves might be an applicable option instead.

Add A Hint of Personal Touch to Your Space

Say for instance, if you’re someone who loves baking on a regular basis, then dedicating a place completely to that might be worth the investment. Almost every house has nooks and corners which could be used to store additional items.

These small details are what matter the most and they will help you make use of the available area. Not to mention, this is what helps you turn that “not-so-cool” space into something that’s one of a kind!

So, there you have it… our top four ways to create more space without having to leave everything behind to start again. If you need further assistance regarding how to heat your home, then feel free to get in touch with Great Rads today!


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