New Product Filter

New Product Filter

Designer Radiators and Towel Rail Product Filter

We have launched an easier way to locate your new Designer Radiators on our website.

At Great Rads we have over 5000 products for you to choose from, and this is growing daily as we add some world class manufacturers for selection.

This can make it pretty tricky to find your new dream rad. To that end we have added some exciting new functionality - An easy product filter, right on our home page!

When you first enter you will now notice a shiny new orange button on the left hand side of the screen.....there it is just below...

Product Filter Button


So if you have a size, or a heating requirement then you would click on the button, which then brings up a filter menu.....


Filter Menu


You can then click on the check box for the product you require, you can check as many boxes as you like and will it display the results right next to it.


Product Filter


So there you go, an easy way to now find your new radiator.

If you have any feedback on this then please feel free to email us on

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