Radiator Buying Guide

In this radiator buying guide, we’ll be giving you all the necessary tools, skills and ‘know-how’ to find a radiator that best suits your taste. So, stick the kettle on, kick back, relax and let’s get started with finding the perfect radiator for your home.

Thinking of buying a radiator? Probably not your first thought when decorating your home, but an important decision nonetheless. Not sure how to choose the ideal design for your house?

It is definitely safe to say that buying a radiator for a house is a considered purchase. However, it’s not like choosing a pack of chocolates or pair of socks. It can be a pretty big deal and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Great Rads are dedicated to helping you in not only choosing the correct radiator, but also making an impressive change to your heating system, interior design and perhaps add more value to your house.

We’ll be looking at every room, discovering some of the best heating solutions to assist in transforming your heating into something more than something that simply keeps you warm.

From designer radiators for your living room to towel radiators for your kitchen or bathroom, we’ll be covering all the bases and every possibility; or at least give it a go!

Firstly, we’ll start with understanding how you can work out the heat output and size of your radiator and glance through calculating those essential BTUs.

Calculating the Correct BTU Output

Before going deep into the technical side, you need to remember one thing: although it’s crucial to achieve the correct calculations of your required heat output, the process is very simple.

There’s a few factors that can affect the amount of power required such as dimension of the room, heat levels and window types to name a few. But, if you have a measuring tape and the capability to count, then you’re pretty much there on acquiring the perfect calculations.

With the help of our handy radiator BTU calculator, you can determine the size of radiator that you need for each space; just count up the walls, work out what is above, below and besides the room and add all the data in calculator to receive accurate BTU requirements and you’ll be able to find a brand new radiator.

Radiators for the Kitchen

Kitchens are the hub of every house, it’s not just designed to cook food, but also to entertain and bring the family together.

Although it’s usually the warmest room in your home because of the hob and oven, you’ll want to keep it heated up during Winter when the temperature drops down.

Fortunately for you, there are numerous options available which can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, thereby providing you with the required warmth.

Heated towel rails have increased in popularity for use as kitchen radiators. This is because they don't just heat the space, but are also great for heating your towels or even clothes. These radiators have brought an amazing transformation in the role of the kitchen all across the UK.

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Radiators for the Living Room

Chances are, you probably spend most of your time at home specifically in your living room (excluding bed, of course). From curling up in the sofa to having a cup of tea with your mum, whether you call it a living room or lounge, you’ll likely spend most of your recreational time here.

Due to this, you’ll want your space to be a reflection of your unique style and elegance and give off a real sense of homeliness and what could be a better and functional way to achieve a goal like this than with a living room radiator?

Vertical radiators can make a big style statement regardless of which room you install them in, but in a living room they can to appear as bold and grand, as well as help to maximise space.

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Radiators for the Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms you’ll want to keep warm, especially your towels. For the best radiators for bathrooms, we recommend our range of towel rails. We would suggest installing one that ties in with other already existing bathroom fixtures and fittings. Alternatively, if you are little bit ‘out there’, you could opt for something that is a departure from the norm and make a bold style statement!

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