Radiators Don't Have to Be Boring!

For many years, the choice of radiators was somewhat limited. Subsequently, in most houses we have functional radiators, keeping the house nice and warm but not really being a part of the room's design. In fact, they are normally out of the way just doing their job. 

With the fantastic range of radiators now available at Great Rads, these essential items don't have to be banished behind the sofa! In fact, they can be an integral part of the design, proud and at the front. Manufacturers such as Radox and Reina are at the forefront of designing bespoke hand-made radiators.

If you have a traditional design in your room, or live in a rural property, then column radiators would be a great addition. There are also horizontal radiators and vertical radiators available, for example the Reina Colona, with prices starting from £82, would make a good choice.

If you are looking for an ultra modern design in your room, there are plenty of splendid choices available. Stainless steel radiators are not only made from material that will never flake or dis-colour, with fantastic 20 or 25 year guarantees available, it is also very striking and luxurious to look and touch. 

For those of you with generous hallway space, floor standing radiators could be very fitting - with their blazing heating outputs they really can provide comforting warmth throughout.

Should you be in search of something really striking, there are some outstanding aluminium radiator designs around that not only heat up quickly, and are lightweight, but look fantastic as well.


There is no need to compromise on design if budget is restricted.

The Reina Neva (below left), Reina Sena (below right) and the Reina Rione (bottom right) have prices starting from £83 and come in a great choice of colours and sizes.

So radiators don't have to be boring, there are choices available for any taste or any budget. Let them become a focal point of your room - a modern version of a fireplace.

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