Revealed - The Top 7 Property Turn-Offs

In several parts of the country, homeowners are struggling to sell their properties. We have no choice but to accept it’s a buyer’s world out there and when there is a lot of choice, it makes the game a lot easier for buyers, but a lot more difficult for sellers.

If you’re struggling to sell your home or are thinking of putting it up for sale, you will need to do everything you can to ensure you bag a sale.

This is why the team at Great Rads decided to put together a list of the top property turn-offs for potential buyers and what sellers can do to avoid them at all costs.

  1. The Transportation Hubbub

One of the most common requests from buyers is that they want a place that is devoid of any kind of noise from trains or aeroplanes. If your home is afflicted by noise pollution, the most obvious remedy is to double or even triple glaze your windows.

You could be looking at spending between £700 to £900 on each window, but it could end up massively decreasing the value of your home if you don’t.

  1. Filthy Bathrooms and Kitchens

This could perhaps be biggest property turn-off for the majority of buyers. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two areas in a home that are used the most and they are very personal. When potential buyers come to inspect a property, they try to picture themselves living there and their senses take offense due to a lack of cleanliness in the said personal areas.

Bathrooms and kitchens that are not kept clean can become a real barrier for homeowners trying to sell their property.

Make sure you scrub every inch of your home and make it squeaky clean before every viewing.

  1. Awkward Arrangement Of The Property

In the case of older properties, especially terrace houses - it is very common to find that the bathroom is situated either on the ground floor beyond the kitchen or is accessible via a bedroom. Such an arrangement is often not suitable for young children or whenever you have guests over to stay.

Another major layout issue is when the dining room is located away from the kitchen. This way you will have to carry the food all the way through the house to another room before you can place it on the table. It sounds silly, but this small issue can actually be huge for many potential homebuyers.

  1. Plants That Look Out of Place in The Garden

While would-be buyers pay more heed to the state of the house than the garden, plants that look a bit strange and out of place can set the warning signals off. If the buyers are unable to recognise a plant, they may imagine the worst and assume that it’s the Japanese knotweed or the giant hogweed.

Whilst this may seem a little dramatic, the Environment Agency has described these as the UK’s most destructive and invasive plants as they have the potential to tear down the foundations of buildings.

  1. Colourful Bathroom Suites

Bathroom suites done in vivid and wild colours were quite the rage in the 1980s, but it can look very unappealing and revolting to the modern eye of the buyers today.

The impact of such a fitting has the potential to knock off around £8,000 from the overall value of your property. So, it is best to fix this before you put your house up for sale and this is one you can do yourself with relatively minimal effort and money.

You can purchase a white suite for less than £300 and if you use it to simply substitute the existing fittings instead of reconfiguring the entire room, you can transform your bathroom into one that buyers will like for well under £500.

  1. Messy Communal Areas in Flats

Communal areas that are messy and have a look and feel of not being cared for, for a very long time both within and outside a property, pose a question about how active the freeholder is in managing it.

Communal areas are often the parts that potential buyers see first and studies have shown that most people decide to buy a property whilst they are in the hallway. So, it will be a good call to keep it vacuumed at all times and we’d even go as far as to suggest painting the area.

It’s the small fixes here and there that will contribute to increasing the value of your home.

  1. A House of Cats

It won’t matter how much of an animal lover a potential buyer is, they might still be put off if you have a property that is inundated with feline friends.

This will be a big red flag for buyers who worry about kids who have allergies or asthma and another concern for potential buyers is that the cats might return after the owner moves away.

So not displaying the fact that you have feline residents will go a long way in not putting people off.

If you wish to make a good impression on the buyers and sell your property as soon as possible, ensure that you steer clear of these major property turn-offs! By following the fairly simple tips above, you should be able to shift your home in no time!


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