Review of the modern Intelligent Heating Systems

One needs to utilise smart heating solutions for their home. Usually, most houses comprise of Hive, Nest, Honeywell, Netatmo and Tado as they are considered the smartest thermostat solutions for households. The main feature each of these devices is that they offer moderate temperatures suitable for each room and home.

Besides, they are cost-effective as they achieve the desired results in minimum time. Above all, you can simply switch them off when you do not need them or when the room becomes warm. In this manner, you do not obtain exorbitantly huge bills.

Honeywell offers an exceptional feature of replacing normal valves with smart valves on your radiators. These smart valves help you to divide your home into different zones and smartly heat each zone as per their requirement. For example, your bedroom is heated towards the end of the day while guest room is heated occasionally as required. This is a more expensive solution as it consists of versatile features.

The three most intelligent heating solutions that are generally utilised by people in their homes are discussed here:

  • Nest:

This system was launched in the year 2011. They are referred to as the ‘learning thermostat’. As per the company their system has accurate control over the temperature and has the ability to create a personalised schedule for homes. This basically diminishes the requirement of a programmer.

The fundamental principle of this system is that it notes the temperature at which you usually set them and adds it to the schedule. Moreover, the boiler is constantly active at a low temperature which reduces the chances of high energy bills. Above all, it safeguards the pipes from being damaged.

The most brilliant feature of this system is that it has the knack of being able to trace temperatures on a day-to-day basis and remember them. Additionally, it functions accordingly. This system can be controlled by your smart phones or tablet. You just have to install the app and connect to Wi-Fi.


  • Hive:

This system is highly regarded as it saves upto £150 on your bills each year. You need to contact a professional British Gas engineer to install it beside your current heating system. This makes it all the more convenient for you.

As compared to Nest, this system offers less functional attributes. For example, it will not trace your daily temperatures but instead control heating from distance as per your needs. The unique feature this system possesses is that you can control it from any part of the globe. However, you need to have internet access and download the Hive app to reap benefits of this function.

You can warm your room right before you enter it through this app.

  • Evohome:

Over the decades, Honeywell has been a synonymous name for household heating and additionally they have added to it by introducing Evohome.

One can easily control the temperature of their home with the help of Evohome. The zoning exceptional feature gives you the liberty to set different temperatures for each specific room. Furthermore, you can schedule the time as per your requirements.

All the more, you can set a time based on your lifestyle and members present in your room. It allows you to craft your schedule based on your consumption. You can operate this with the help of your smart phone or tablet.


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