Struggling to Style Your House? Inject Some Character with These Easy Tips

Trends... they’re literally all around us, be it food, fashion or interiors, everywhere. And the one thing that has been all the rage, especially when it comes to revamping or designing your house, is the addition of home plants.

People have become really obsessed with decorating their home using plants - and by the looks of it, Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

Plants do have a way of bringing any and every room to life, so we’re not exactly surprised…

At Great Rads, we certainly feel that these tiny home plants have a knack of not only adding the much-needed zest into any room, but that they can also help you give it a gorgeous look.

That being said, we’ve found a few ways to help you design the interior in your home that steers away from this current trend that everyone is obsessing over.  

Stack it up!

Do you have an empty corner or area in your house which looks quite dreary? Simply transform it into something a little edgy by using vertical shelves. You can even place indoor plants on alternative slabs if you wish to give your room that edgy vibe! And if your house lacks space, then opt for L-shaped shelves. They’ll not only help you save more space, but also craft a striking corner.

Get your outdoors inside...

Are you staying in a property or rented apartment which has a small garden, or maybe even no garden at all? Well, don’t worry, as you can still create a garden of your own – simply bring the outdoors in! As we already know that home plants have the ability to bring any dull room to life, so it comes as no surprise that other garden items, such as benches or bamboo walls, look fantastically good inside the home too.

Purchase a cactus

This is one such plant which you’ll either hate or absolutely love. If you aren’t sure about which indoor plant you must purchase to style the interior of your house with, cacti should be your go-to option!

Also, if you’re someone who’s pressed on time, then this is definitely the ideal accessory for your home as it requires little to no maintenance at all. Besides, when placed in the right area, it’ll make the area look quirky and interesting.

A reading corner

If you want an area to unwind in your home, a reading corner is a fabulous idea that brings a touch of romance to your safe haven.

Locate the perfect spot in your home – underneath the stairs or a little corner tucked away are both great places, then fill it with a comfy chair, plenty of blankets and cushions, then add some fairy lights or a reading lamp. To keep the area cosy, add a stylish designer radiator to finish the space off. 

These are some of our suggestions to style your home without having to redesign the entire thing. So, what are you waiting for? If you need help with incorporating your radiators into the interior of your home, get in touch with us today.

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