The Best Designer Radiators for Small Spaces

Gracing the pages of interior design and home styling magazines, blogs and websites, you’ll have seen designer radiators that look smarter, sleeker and considerably more chic than the standard white horizontal heaters you had in your home growing up. While central heating technology has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, so too has the radiators central systems serve, and you’ll find a myriad of design options to choose from.

However, the impressive rooms and ornate interiors aesthetics found in design magazines rarely reflect real life for most. The good news is that size doesn’t need to dictate style when it comes to heating – Great Rads has a superb range of designer radiators for small and medium sized spaces that won’t crowd your room but will still keep you toasty and warm.

Small Vertical Radiators

Reina Albi Vertical Designer Radiator

Great Rads has a fantastic collection of small vertical radiators for small spaces at competitive prices.

If you’re looking for a small designer radiator that’s outside of the traditional aesthetic but still vertical, the Reina Albi vertical designer radiator is flat-fronted and comes in white or anthracite, with a built-in mirror and optional adjustable towel rail. What’s more, the DQ Vela vertical designer radiator looks more sculpture than heater and is another lightweight aluminium option with towel bar and varying size configurations.

Small horizontal radiators are also available but vertical models give more slimline and size-conscious options whilst allowing for a wider and more effective airflow of the warmth - as less of it is exposed to the floor below.

Different models, sizes and configurations of designer radiators can be installed throughout varying spaces to allow for rooms to be heated and styled in a way optimum for them.

Small Column Radiators

Trade Range - 3 Column Vertical Radiator - Anthracite

The Trade Range three column radiator is a striking slimline radiator in anthracite. It comes pre-assembled in various heights, widths and column configurations, so a relevant size for your small space can be chosen. Not dissimilar is The Fulham, a small column radiator made of aluminium available in black, white or anthracite. The Fulham is flat fronted for an untraditional smooth look.

Small designer radiator options also exist for horizontal radiators – that is, the more traditional shapes you’ll find in households across the UK. The DQ Peta 3 column radiator offers a subtle style spin on the heaters you’re used to seeing, with pronounced feet and 43 colours to choose from! The Tudor 4 cast iron radiator comes in a variety of shorter heights and is sold in sections allowing for a mix-and-match approach across walls of varying sizes. For even more versatility, The Milan 3 column wall-mounted radiator is available in 12 different height and width combinations… and a veritable feast of colour palette options!


No matter your space, there will be a designer radiator to suit it in the Great Rads range; and with optional add-ons such as towel rails, they can be multi-purpose too. The Great Rads products each have their own explanatory product page on the website, with details on different valve types (as well as a link through to our valve range to find what you need) and a BTU (British thermal unit) calculator for each model, to help you calculate its efficiency in the room you need to heat.

When it comes to choosing where to place your radiator, you may find that your options are more limited in smaller spaces. However, despite the popular line of thought that situating a small radiator under a window isn’t efficient, the opposite may be true – after all, this is often otherwise unused space. Where single glazing or large, older windows are in place and have a tendency for a little draught, under the window is actually the optimum place for radiator installation, as the warm air rising will mix with the cooler and ensure an ambient air flow throughout. In this case, do not wrap curtains in front of the radiator if full-length.

Of course, exactly where your radiator is installed will be down to available wall space but we recommend not installing directly behind a sofa or any other large furniture, as the heat will simply be absorbed into it and not distributed properly throughout the room. Now that there are so many vertical, horizontal, slimline and shortened designer radiators on the market, it’s much easier to work with your space constraints. And, new stylish designs mean that your radiators can become part of your decor, rather than something to be hidden.

Your chosen central heating engineers should be able to explain fully what will and won’t work for the space you’re working with but if you’d like any further information or just to chat through potential options, the Great Rads team are always on-hand to discuss – with no obligation to buy.

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