The Best Steel Radiators at Great Rads

In its many forms, steel has become one of the most popular radiator materials in the UK. There are a whole host of reasons for this including the great value costs in both purchasing and manufacturing steel, the quick heat up times and a durable yet light frame. Stainless and normal steel are both great materials for your radiator, bringing different attributes and designs to your property’s heating system. Below are some of our top selling designer radiators, giving you the chance to explore some of the best designs on the market and add even more personality to your home.


Reina Artena Horizontal Stainless-Steel Radiator

The Reina Artena is a horizontal stainless-steel radiator made with a polished or brushed finish. This elegant radiator brings style and efficiency to your home, with its horizontal columns bringing an industrial allure and a lightweight flexibility to your home, these radiators will look the part in any room in your house. With the option of dual fuel, electric or central heating, the Reina Artena is the crème de la crème of designer radiators.


Carisa Ibiza Stainless Steel Towel Radiator

The Carisa Ibiza stainless steel towel radiator brings a unique design to a solid and sturdy bathroom radiator. This is truly a perfect radiator for bathrooms due to its eye-catching nature, this compact towel radiator brings a zig-zag design in a gorgeous and shimmering multi-square stainless steel. If you’re looking for a brushed steel radiator with high heat output and flexible heating options, then the Carisa Ibiza is perfect for you. Even if you’re low on space in your bathroom, an often-difficult room for radiators to accommodate, the Carisa Ibiza will keep things looking clean, cool and comforting.


DQ Dune Vertical Stainless-Steel Radiator

The DQ Dune stainless-steel vertical radiator effortlessly melds style and efficiency in a subtly eye-catching design, making it perfect for hallways and living spaces alike. With a choice of polished and brushed finish, the DQ Dune sports rectangular vertical tubes, neatly and evenly spaced to ensure maximum heat output. With its reflective sheen, the DQ Dune is as striking as it is efficient and will inject a modern focal point for any room, whatever your interior tastes.


Radox Maze Designer Radiator

A work of art as well as a radiator, the unique Radox Maze radiator is a wall-mounted piece of efficiently heated ingenuity. With its shiny stainless-steel exterior, the Radox Maze is also available in several different finishes including chrome and black pearl, allowing you the freedom to find the perfect design and colour scheme for your home. As a compact square design, this wall mounted beauty will help you to save space in your hallway or living room, whilst offering high BTU outputs.


Reina Karia Vertical Designer Radiator

The Reina Karia is a slimline vertical radiator which utilises its space saving qualities with an incredible heat output. Suitable for any room in the house, this clean and crisp-edged stainless-steel radiator is made from lines of differing sized rectangular columns, promoting heat radiation and a style unlike any on the market. With its soft satin finish, this radiator will reflect light and add the illusion of more space in any room you install it in.


Carisa Squa Stainless Steel Radiator

This elegant stainless-steel radiator is a vertical gem that is as strong in its heat output as it is delicate in style. With its symmetrical squares all interconnecting to create a clean and crisp pattern, you’ll find that very few vertical radiators have the simple artistry of the Carisa Squa.

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