The Eskimo Ron

Eskimo Design has a beautifully formed column radiator. They have called it RON!

RON is a modular aluminium high output radiator: allowing you to add as many sections as you need from 1 to 50.

The design gurus at Eskimo have told us the styling cues include 1950s aircraft technology and the traditional schoolhouse radiator. As a result, it will happily sit with any interior scheme, from ultra-modern to period.

There are a load of options when it comes to sizes, as it is available in a range of six standard heights, from low 200mm high versions, to 1800mm tall and narrow.

Length wise, as it is modular you can create almost any width!

Lets look at some of the amazing styles and colour finishes available:

Eskimo Leggy Ron - In Polished

Leggy Ron


Eskimo Ron - Wall Hung in Gold

Eskimo Ron in Gold


Eskimo Leggy Ron - in the wonderful Shipyard Finish

Eskimo Leggy Ron in Shipyard

Eskimo Shipyard


Eskimo Ron - In Antique Finish

Eskimo Ron Antique

Eskimo Ron in Antique


Ron in Polished

Eskimo Ron Polished


RON and Leggy RON come in a huge spectrum of beautiful colours. Sometimes you want your radiators to blend with your scheme. This is where our colour match service ticks all of the boxes. A high performance radiator, powder coated to match your paintwork

Colour Match Leggy Ron

Eskimo Leggy Ron - Colour Matched


So if you are looking for something completely customisable with size and colours, is also the height of cutting edge design, and made by the coolest and best radiator designers on the market -  then look no further! The Eskimo RON is for you.

Please call on 01803 450330 or email on if you want pricing or more information.

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