This Is Exactly Why Summer Is the Best Time to Replace A Radiator…

Summers are always the optimal time to chill with friends by the beach, we know.  Nothing quite beats strolling around in a t-shirt and shorts, with an ice-cream to hand, with the shades on.

But did you know that summer is also the best season to get that old, creaky radiator of yours replaced with a splendid new and modern heating system?

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to get it replaced as it would keep working forever – and guess what… some of them really do!

But, unfortunately, that is not the case for the majority of us and that means that for most, replacing radiators is just part and parcel of being an adult.

So, come summer, it is better that you prepare your home now, rather than regretting it whilst shivering the nights about during those chilly winter months.

There are several reasons as to why it’s best to get your radiators changed during the warmest season of the year and the team at Great Rads has listed a few of them below.

So, without any further ado, let’s get down to why now is the right time!

You don’t need much use of a radiator when it’s already hot outside…

Think of summer and you can almost feel the temperature around you rising. Memories of damp clothes and sweaty foreheads may start to seem all too familiar and you certainly don’t want a radiator adding to the heat of it all.  

Now, we don’t really think you’ll want to feel as if you’re sitting in a blast furnace for the next few months, especially with this heatwave that’s both equally wonderful and torturous!

Besides, with the temperature in your house reaching its peak, you will no doubt be keeping those tower fans running all day every day.

So that being said, the last thing you’ll want to do is switch on your heating system. Make use of the “free” heat and get your new radiator installed now.

You wouldn’t want to freeze during those chilly winter nights…

Winters are commonly known to be the month for radiator breakdowns. Well, that crops up majorly because of the excessive pressure you put on your old heating unit.

Moreover, it makes complete sense, particularly if you’ve been putting your radiator to use on a daily basis and it’s already reached the final stage of its life.

Now imagine if that happened when it’s snowing heavily – you better ensure that you’ve got heaps of blankets to hand, because with the freezing British winter we have ahead, you’re going to need them.

So, unless you want to end up looking like the much-loved snowman in fan-favourite film Jack Frost, get your radiator replaced while it’s still sunny outside.

You’ve got to think a bit about the engineer as well...

When it comes to fixing, changing or bleeding your radiator, you’ll certainly count on a professional engineer to help you get the work done – unless you’re a dab hand at DIY and know how to do it yourself.

Nonetheless, the colder months affect your old, grumpy radiator and it’s pretty much the same with any engineer, especially if they are being called out at silly o’clock on a cold winters night.

Think of how their tight schedule during chilly days is going to impact you. It’s likely that they will be crazy busy over the winter months, meaning you might be shivering the nights away for longer than you’d imagine – and certainly a lot longer than you’d like!

So, it’s always best to swap over your old, faulty radiator with a lovely new designer radiator when it’s warm outside, rather than waiting for the mechanic to show up when it’s freezing outside.

You can save yourself some extra dosh...

The older your radiator gets, the more the possibility of it costing you an arm and a leg during winter. So, in order to avoid being in this situation, you must consider replacing your heating unit when the sun’s out. You’ll have both a brand new and energy efficient designer radiator to heat your home when it’s cold out, and due to its efficiency, it will end up costing you a lot less than your older model.

To top it all off, a new model can help you save hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year when the bills come rolling in. 

We’re sure that these reasons are enough for anyone to understand why summer is known as the best time to get a radiator replaced.

You can even visit our BTU calculator page to compute the heat output required for larger rooms in your house and accordingly purchase your new radiator with this helpful knowledge.

And if you’ve got any other concerns regarding the heating system in your home, feel free to get in touch with Great Rads today.

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