Tips for a Low Budget Interior Makeover

Not everyone can afford a new decorative radiator or a completely fresh paint job on their property.

As prices rise and bills pile up, the everyday homeowner is being forced to be more and more creative with their style solutions. And, while a home makeover may be the last thing on your mind if you’re financially limited, there are a number of practical upgrades you can make while still keeping style (and budget) in mind.

After all, it’s your creativity and effort that makes the difference – just ask the person who browses racks of vintage clothes to put together a perfect outfit without breaking the bank. The same rule is applicable to your home – with a bit of time and the courage to think outside the box, you can refresh your interior, even while living on the cheap.

Here are our top creative ideas for interior makeovers on a budget.

Tidy living room

Clear Your Clutter

This might sound obvious, but the less clutter in your room, the cleaner and nicer it will look.

Whilst cleaning is part of our everyday routine, a spotless room will provide you with more floor space and a blank canvas that might give you the inspiration you need to start decorating. What’s more, clean room costs nothing at all! Just an hour or so of your own time.

The first step is to get rid of grime and dust. This means vacuuming before wiping surfaces with a lint cloth. After this two-pronged attack, make sure you’ve dusted the remaining nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the backs of any floor standing radiators, which can accumulate pockets of dust.

Second, up is a complete declutter. Whether tidying your bedroom or the living room, find any unwanted accessories or appliances and clear them out. Be utilitarian at first, taking care to toss anything you don’t regularly use. This will help you make space for an all-new design.

After the declutter, you can decide what needs to be changed about your room, whether it’s furniture rejig or a complete overhaul.

Capitalise on Cheap Soft Furnishings

After you’ve decluttered, you can start thinking about new accessories and soft furnishings. Rugs, towels and throws can really change the ambience of a room and cost very little. This is a great chance for you to personalise your home, embellishing your rooms with your own unique style.

Alongside rugs and throws, investing in new lampshades can give your home the finishing touch it needs. Throw light on your own aesthetic, whether that be through vintage style lamp shades or minimalist floor lamps.

Give Your Walls Some Character

When decorating on a budget, picture frames are your best friend.

With so many attractive options for very cheap prices, you can personalise your home with your very own art and photographs, ensuring personal touches that truly comes straight from the heart. With little more needed than a picture, a frame and a nail, you needn’t invest in expensive new wallpapers for your dream interior.

Pictures on a wall

Paint Just One Wall for a Variety

One way to add light to a stark room is to paint a wall.

Whilst wall paint can be expensive, painting just one will often give you more to play with in terms of contrasting and complementary colours. The way that colour interacts within your home is a key aspect of interior design and gives you a chance to play with shape and space.

Pink wall

Buy a Budget Radiator

Last but not least, radiator suppliers such as Great Rads offer up stellar value radiator options for your home. With personalised and boutique designer models, you can choose between compact and tall radiators, all with high BTU outputs and a multitude of colours and finishes.

Many of the radiators at Great Rads come with longstanding warranties and quality guarantees, meaning however low the price, it’s more than worth the investment.

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