Top Tips for Home Maintenance for Autumn and Winter

It might be nearing the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be using the garden and entertaining guests. With the colder weather kicking in, garden parties might be a thing of the past, but with the prospect of an Indian Summer followed by a very British winter, there’s plenty you can fix-up both in the house and out. 

Since people went back to work after the summer holidays, you might be a little more strapped for time. With that in mind, you may consider hiring a builder or gardener to sort out your home maintenance needs, and while this might be the simplest option, it will certainly benefit you to know how much can actually be done without hired help.

Home maintenance can be easy (and fun!) if you let it, which is why we’ve compiled a list of just a few of the tasks you can get on with yourself, without having to spend extra money on help.

External Maintenance

Your garden parties may be over, but don’t let the happy memories overshadow the fact that you may very well be using the garden through the autumn. Alongside its continued use, you’ll want to keep your garden in good condition for the winter months when it’ll be less frequently used.

Clearing Gutters

It’s nearly autumn, and with autumn comes the potential for a lot of falling foliage. If your gutters are located near a treeline, you might be in for a blockage come wintertime, so preparing for this by clearing out the gutters is a great way to pre-empt any problems further down the line. 

Double-Check Your Faucets

Hose faucets can freeze over the winter month. Avoid future problems by clearing them of gunk and making sure that they’re completely leakage free.

You’ll thank us for come next summer!

Inspect Any Wood

Whether a deck out front or a terraced back garden, your outside areas might have seen some wear and tear over the summer with more frequent usage. Make sure there are no nails, loose floorboards or tiles before the bad weather sets in. Extreme weather could damage your wood-based decking, trestles and fences when wintertime comes along, so make sure they’re fully prepared.

Horizontal radiator and windows


How Secure Are Your Windows?

Over the winter, you’ll be wanting a lot more insulation, and if your windows are letting heat escape, then it’ll be your gas bills that pay for it. Make sure there are no holes, or even invest in double glazing. You might need a professional to install this insulation money saver, buy your bank balance will thank you in the long run!

Internal Maintenance

You’ll be spending more time inside over the autumn and the winter. With Christmas, Halloween and New Year’s Eve, you could be seeing a few more visitors to the inside of your home. Alongside a general tidy of your interior, you might want to focus on these more practical aspects of the home. 

Bleed Your Radiators

After months not being used, your radiator might have built up some trapped air. This is where radiator bleeding comes in.

Whether horizontal radiators or column radiatorsall types have a bleed valve and a key to go with it. Using the bleed key, you can loosen the bleed valve on the top corner of the radiator, making sure that the central heating is switched off. Let out any trapped air within the radiator unit until it starts to leak water. This is why you place a towel under the radiator before bleeding it. Simply tighten the valve with the bleed key after letting out the air and move onto the next unit in the line.

Powerflush Your Radiators

Get rid of any gunk inside your radiator by power flushing it. Power flushing a radiator requires you to put the power flush chemical solution, pouring it into a switched off the central heating system. When it’s turned back on, the solution will travel with the hot water through the pipes, dissolving any blockage along the way.

Invest in New Heating for the Winter

Whether central heating or electric radiators, sprucing up your central heating system will ensure that you are prepared for the winter months ahead.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of powerful, stylish and efficient radiators available from Great Rads online.

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