Transform Your Bedroom In 6 Easy Steps

You’ve finally made the decision that your bedroom trumps all when it comes to deciding which space in the house is most important - and rightfully so.

We often neglect our bedrooms because they are the area that gets seen the least by friends and family, but it is worth remembering that YOU spend a lot of time in it after all.

Whilst it is certainly nice to be able to impress the neighbours with a state of the art kitchen, what’s nicer is being able to impress yourself night after night by having the perfect bedroom.

You spend more time in there than anywhere else in your home, therefore it is crucial that you feel suitably relaxed in it. So why not do everything you can to ensure it’s the bedroom dreams were made of, as well as in?

 Quick disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the decline of your social life. There is every chance that you will love your boudoir so much that you struggle to pull yourself away from it. But hey, at least you’ll be feeling fresh as a daisy and more than refreshed!

 Follow our easy tips and you’ll be rushing home from work to be reunited with your bedroom in no time.

  1. Be Clever With Spacing

We’d all love to have bedrooms that seem to stretch on forever, but unfortunately, most of us are not multi-millionaires who can afford to have rooms the size of a house.

Having a small room to work with shouldn’t deter you from getting a bedroom you love. It just means that you need to be smart about how you design the room.

If you don’t have lots of space to work with, make use of what’s available aside from floor space. Having lamps affixed to the walls instead of ones that stand is one way to save on space, plus lots of fancy hotels do it, so it would be rude not to, right?

  1. Details Count

As Charles Eames once eloquently put it: “The details are not the details, they make the design.” It’s all in the detail! Having a bedroom you love requires some thought and it is often the little things that make all the difference.

Perhaps you love to travel and finally get that map you purchased years back framed and hung up. Or maybe you have an unhealthy obsession with dream catchers, much to your partners dismay. Whatever it is, embrace it.

  1. Invest In Some Decent Furniture

Having good furniture in your bedroom will never get old, that’s for sure. There is no better feeling than collapsing onto a bed that you feel is the absolute best in the world. You’ll need amazing bedroom furniture if you’re to become obsessed with your bedroom.

It’s a good idea to have a feature piece within your room, then you can fit everything else around that. It makes sense to have your bed as the focus point in your bedroom and there is an endless amount of choice. Whether it’s a huge four poster bed you choose to splurge on or a fancy new headboard to rest your head against, the choice is yours.

  1. Make A Statement

Our bedrooms should be a reflection of ourselves. Most people judge others on their bedroom and we believe that they can say a lot about a person.

Add character to your bedroom by incorporating quirky prints on pieces of furniture – that can be in the form of duvet sets, chairs, lamps, mirrors, frames, to name just a few.

    5. Comfort Is Key

Most of us love to wrap ourselves up with a thick, snuggly duvet, but there is more to comfort than a 15 tog duvet. Stack up on cushions, throws and knitted blankets to start, but if you’re a person who prefers to sleep with lighter layers, warming the room up could be the better option. Find a reputable designer radiator company that will guide you with finding the right product that suits your home.

  1. Pay Attention To The Floor

It might not seem important when you’re putting plans together for the perfect bedroom, but flooring can make or break even the best interior designs out there. You can replace the entire thing and choose a luxurious carpet that will make your feet feel like they are in heaven.

But if you’re looking for another option, getting underfloor heating and choosing a huge fluffy rug will be just as effective.

Start making these ideas turn into reality and we promise that you’ll love hopping into bed each and every day in future. You’ll love your new bedroom, but we get a feeling that leaving for work on those cold dreary mornings is about to get ten times harder…


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